“MUST READ”s – Back to School Edition! — BOOKIVERSE By Daniela Ark

September is all about pencils, pens, markers, paper, and of course… BOOKS!

via “MUST READ”s – Back to School Edition! — BOOKIVERSE


The Wanderer’s Curse

Jennifer Lacewing is a lonely teenager whose father is too important to be around. Surviving in Helix, one of the last bastions to the small human existence on a decaying Earth, she longs to be a peaceful farmer. But things never go as planned. When Jennifer and Collins, her best friend, are forced to join the Wanderers, a small group that can mysteriously survive outside the safety of Helix’s fences, she is devastated.

And something else is amiss. Was it a coincidence that she became a Wanderer at the same time her father has been falsely accused of murder?” In a rush against time, Jennifer must complete her Wanderer training and clear her father’s name…or lose him forever.9781943050833-ebook Curse 290pg Rework.jpgAvailable on Amazon.com


You can read the first 4 chapters for free following this link.