Day 258 


Well this day could have gone better. I think the title say it all. Beth wants to take a break until we are safe back in Daikon. I don’t blame her for it and we will still be friends, but why does it sting so much. Just thinking about it is upsetting I sort of join the military to be close to her. More reason to hurry up and secure Canson, so I can get back to making out with her. Thinking about it are my priorities messed up? There are people dieing to get to Canson and all I can think about it making out. (more…)


Day 246 


We got into Canson early in the morning. The Forward team welcomed us at the entrance into town.  They have been working hard to clear and secure the airfield to make way for people coming. Ghouls have been attacking in steady streams here. Small to larger groups of them. At one time the Town has over 10,000 people living in it. Now most of them have been turned into those walking nightmares. How is it that some got turned into monsters while others remained human? Maybe everyone has changes and we just don’t know how yet. Could have  the charred and Crypt Wisp once been human to? It would take a couple people to make one charred. That gives me the chills just thinking about how that could be. (more…)

Day 242 


After graduation I got to spend  the day with my family. It was the last night I got to sleep in my room safe inside the camp. Mom was all tears which was odd to see. Courtney and even Dad was the same way. To say breakfast was awkward would be an understatement. I had to keep telling everyone that I had one of the safest jobs and Lily will be with me. Lily was more prepared to handle this than I was. She handled it like a person put in command should. All those extra weeks of training she got showed. Plus with her hair cut short she could not hide the scar on her face or missing part of her ear. She looks like someone you would have to think twice to mess with.


We spent most of the day playing games and crocheting while we watched a few movies. It has been a while since the last time I corchect. I kept messing up my rows and having to start over.  Once lunch was over Dad had a gift for Lily and I at his workshop. The first item was a monocular pocket scope. He said that it will let us see the crypt wisps. The lense he got for the scope have a coatings on them that will make them shimmer in light. He could only make two so we had to be extra careful with them. They also only work when there is light. Which means we should always carry at least a flashlight. His final gift was two drake blades. Something that was super illegal back when the government still was around for good reason.


Drake Blades are bayonet length knifes. About a foot from tip of the blade to bottom of the handle. What makes them Illegal is what happens when you press the small button on the side of the handle. Once pressed the blade is coated in a bluish purple energy that can slice through almost anything. Tanks, planes, people, bank valuets you name it can cut it. Dad had four small battery power packs each of us to keep them charged. He said that he already told the military that we have them and got the okay for us to keep them. Though Colonel Rives was interested to know where Dad got them. Once he ran through all safety features of them we headed back home.


Dinner that night was tense. Everyone was trying to keep it together and not start crying about us leaving again. Courtney lost and was a total wreck before dessert. Then once the table was clear and the awkward hugging was over once again it was time for bed. We had to report to the convoy at 0400 hours to get on the road. That ment we really need to be at the convoy at 0300 for gear check. I know I said the next time I write it will be on the road, but I just can not sleep tonight I am both excited and too worried about what is going to be waiting for us in Canson.



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Day 240 


The extra week of basic has molded some of the lesser troops into model soldiers. It has given Sgt. Major Miller the time he need to fix them. Plus it has given the military a chance to better organize the assault on Canson to secure it. Tomorrow all 23 of us will graduate from basic and will be headed to the front lines. We will be broken up into 4 groups of 6-5 man squads. My squad will be Lily as Co, Will as second in command, Beth, Ronin and I. Our task will be to secure building 4 of the route into Canson. (more…)

Day 220 

My everything hurts after today’s gauntlet of test.  Sgt. Major Miller did not pull any stops to make sure everyone that everyone volunteered or drafted was fit to server. The military with a group of others town folk  fixed up the old obstacle course from the summer camp for us to test on. Everything from a mud pit with barb wires run across it to a giant wooden wall for us to climb. Then there was a firing range setup. Though because bullets are at a premium right now it was bb guns. The final was a ran up and down all of Daikon today while wearing a 20 pound pack. The important part is I made the cut even missing part of my hand! (more…)

Day 219 


Everyone in the camp has been making fun of me most of the morning. I earned the name Cody Everdeen. Why did I have to volunteer the way I did? Even Courtney and Olivia were making fun of me. Courtney I am going to fight monsters for you and she is poking fun at me. Then it turned around later in the day. While I was out in the barn fixing the heaters for the animals a group of people started getting a little to into the joke. Dad was getting tired of it and was about to let the people have it. That is when Colonel Rives stepped in. He told off all the people for us. Said what I was doing was noble and I took the place of my sister so she didn’t have to fight in the horrors of conflict. That he didn’t see any of these people stepping up to go fight to save others. Told me it would be an honor to fight alongside me. Once the word of what happened in the barn got around all the teasing stopped. (more…)

Day 218 

Today was the day the council announced the vote for the draft. They gave everyone in Diakon the day to decide on where they stood. Then tonight during dinner will hold the vote. If it passes the draft will immidleted be held. A no vote will result in the military having to go through without the man power. Only 25 people will be drafted to fight on the fronts. Everyone of fighting age will be added to a electronic list then drawn. The results will be put up on the main slate in the cafeteria. For each person that volunteers it reduces the people to be drafted. After the announcements everyone went to work. (more…)



Jacob Steven Mohr

Review By Jacob Pelley



Book Blurb

Captain Joshua Foley might be a disgrace to the royal army and a drunkard to boot, but he knew Diamanda the Berserker, a complicated woman nearly reduced to myth and rumor by even the most seasoned taletellers of Delthain. She was a warrior, a bloodthirsty killer, a monster in the eyes of men—and perhaps the only thing standing between humankind and the true monsters at our door. He was her friend, her lover, her last companion—and when she could no longer speak for herself, he became her voice in our world. Through a startling interview with an eager young student, Captain Foley relates the full story of his encounters with the Daughter of Man, even as the cosmic secret concealed within his narrative threatens to destroy him… (more…)

Day 217 

I slept in today of course it had to be today of all days. The one day that I needed to be up first to make breakfast to win points. When I got to the living room Mom already had breakfast going and was in a better mood. Courtney was setting the table. Dad came in the front door of the cabin looking tired. Mom asked one question is it done? Dad nodded yes and sat down at the table to eat with the rest of us. Then speaking before thinking my mouth decided it wanted to ask a question before my brain got stop it. Mom why were you and Dad fighting last night?

What did I ever do to offend the fates to ask a question like that. I feel like in the history of me speaking before thinking this would rank in the top 5. Number before this moment was when Lily came home with smeared eye make up. I asked Lily if she had been crying “which you should just know and not ask your sister that question”. She told me that her boyfriend broke up with her. Then in the mother of all things to not say I said was it because of your new bad haircut. Lily treed me like a bear. I thought my mouth learned the lesson that day, but I guess not.

Mom said it was nothing to worry about that Dad fixed the issue.  The look in Moms eyes this issue was far from over. Once the table was cleared and the dishes were meticulously cleaned we all head to work. Dad and I went straight to his workshop. Once we were inside and the door to his private workspace was closed he rolled out a sleeping bag and told me to organize everything while he got some rest. He let me turn on the radio so I could hear all the talks with the Canson front. The military decide to take the most direct route. Which means they could reach Canson in the next few days

It took me most of the day to get everything back in the right place. Once I was done I woke Dad up. I still wanted to know what his fight with Mom was all about. I rather wish I left that alone. Dad filled me in on all the details. Once the road the Canson is cleared the Military is going to start a draft in town. Just until the the town is secure. He also said that everyone over the age of 14 will be added. As you guessed it that did not go over well with Mom. Lily is already joining their ranks, but that mean that Courtney and I could also be drafted. Colonel Rives had nothing to do with it. The Robinson and Fremont proposed it then  it went to vote and passed. Of course it was the Robinson to do something like this they are too old to fight and have not real children to volunteer. Dad explained he spent all night trying to convince Colonel Rives to let the people vote on this issue. Which he managed to do right before he came home this morning. Tomorrow night everyone in Daikon will be gathered to vote for a draft. My left hand has been throbbing where the fingers are missing since Dad filled me in.


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Day 216

The council made a big announcement today. That the first stage in taking back Canson is underway. The military has started to clear the road leading to Canson.  Once the road is cleared a small team of military personnel are going to make a trip to There. To clear the runway of the cargo plane they parked there when they first arrived. While a larger second team secures the airport. Once cleared  a new convoy of military personnel will be flying in from a long way away. They will almost be bring with them a small group of civilians. Hopefully they are also bring some clothing supplies. With the communications coming back online a few weather satellites are broadcasting. It looks like the snow will be letting up soon. With no storms on the horizon this could be the only chance to bring these people in.

Once the airport is secured a few pockets of other survivors will be flying into Canson airfield. With this window it gives others the chance to finally find safety. With the weather holding and what we now know about  the charred this could be their only chance. The Charred can’t handle freezing weather, so they entered into a herbantion state. We are lucky that with the forest all around means that most of them are in that state now. Inside major cities there is more cover for them to keep warm. Plus the ghouls don’t seem to be effect by this cold like the Charred. Civilian flights will be tricky. They have to find a pilot, a plane and fuel to last the trip. Talking to Dad some of these flights are going to be close. Everyday we don’t get Canson Secure is another day some of these people may not make it. The assault on Canson has begun.

Later that night

Mom and Dad did not come home until late tonight. The council meetings have been going long into the night for the past few days. I could not sleep, so I was still up when they got home.  Moms face when she came into the door was the you’re so grounded look. She stormed right into her bedroom and closed the door. I wanted to ask Dad about it, but he had the not a good time look to. Whatever happened at the meeting tonight must have not gone well. When things like this happen between my parents means tomorrow I have to be the perfect son. Otherwise some missguided wrath will fall upon me. With Lily gone for training that only leave Courtney and Brooke I have to compete with. Something bad must be going on for both my parents to be this upset.


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