Contact and Review Policy

Business Contacts 

Jacob Pelley


Twitter @jake_pelley

Sarah Linder


Twitter @SarlinGoz

Review Policy 

Thank you for your consideration in letting me review your book!

Currently, requests are Open!

As writer and review blogger I enjoy reviewing books. Reading and reviewing books gives me the chance to meet new people and work on my own writing skills.  Most of the books I read are Young Adult, Fantasy, Science fiction, and business, but Urban Fantasy is my favorite of all. I am also an award winning stock trader, so books on the stock market are welcome to!  

Genres I  accept:

  • Urban Fantasy “It is my favorite!”
  • Fantasy
  • Young adult
  • Dystopian Society
  • Fairy Tale/ Retelling
  • Historial Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery
  • Business
  • Self-improvment
  • Finshed books

Genres I do NOT accept:

  • Biography
  • Poetry
  • Erotic/Romance “If it is not the main focus of the story then I will take a look at it”
  • Religious .
  • Unedited or unfinished manuscripts

Formats that I take

  • ARC (A real copy as I like to put it)
  • Epub Files
  • Mobi Files
  • Kindle
  • Ibook
  • Finished Copies


I will  give an honest review. Usually turn around time is around 1 week- 2 months depending on Novel length.  When requesting a review, please include: book title, publication date, genre and if it is part of a series. Please note: I have a newborn and  am  self employed my reading time sometimes has to take a back seat to life.  The review will go up on my website, facebook and Goodreads pages.

  • If I feel as if your book wouldn’t be a good fit , I will let you know usually within 24 hours of your email/tweet/facebook request

For any considerations, please email me at: or twitter at Jake_Pelley