Day 265 


The count down came and gone. Everyone was holding their collective breath as it reached zero over the radio. The robotic voice giving a play by play of the effect. After an hour everyone went back to work maintaining the shelter. I stayed inside the engineering room to managed the cables.  After the third time I tripped over a cable someone needed to do it. Segreat Cole and I were the only one inside the room when the alarm over the radio came in. Cascade Failure seeking immediate shelter. Sergeant Cole ran out of the room to go get Colonel Rives leaving me alone. (more…)


Rating: 5 stars “There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.” The Titan’s Curse, book three of The Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan, begins with Percy, Annabeth and Thalia reuniting with Grover at Westover Hall to find and recruit demigods for Camp Half-Blood before Luke can recruit them to […]


Last week I had my first book go live. Here that it is if you want to check it out I sent out over 67 review copies from a mailing list using and gave them 30 days to review the book. I also gave away 25 paperbacks here in Fresno and have gotten 10 reviews from that. I started a Amazon ad campaing after the book came out. I have 1547 impressions and 8 clicks It ends next month on the Aug 10. I have been on this podcast and I am trying to find more to be on but it is a process. I started my first give away here I have found KDP and Createspace to have better customer support than Ingramsparks. For social media I have gotten more views to my website using twitter over facebook which is crazy I only just started using twitter those # really work. My plan for week two is to have at least 20 reviews for the book. Which should not be hard I have 10 reviewers that have finshed the book that I need to bird dog more. On July 26 I will be doing a book signing here in town with the local networking group. I am working on getting banners made for that. If you do go with ingram they have a list of where thier lightning source locatations are. Here is a link to that If you are close to those locations you can get away with the cheaper shipping and get it pretty quick once the printing is done. This is my first book so I am excited and will keep you updated on how week 2 has gone. Also If you have a podcast I have a nice audio setup and would love to be a guest you can PM or If you use Twitter can reach me at @jake_pelley.

So, this is just an idea I am kinda playing with. It is still kinda in the experiment phase so please leave any feedback you may have in the comments. I have taken the idea of a journal from Sarah Fine who wrote a series called Guards of the Shadowlands. This is a really good series I enjoyed and will review at a later time but if you are interested you can see some of the journal entries she created here

I used the journal idea and have started a journal as a prequel to the the dystopian novel Jake and Sarah are working on.  Let me know what you think.  Any feedback would be helpful.

Lynndee Theson

Day Zero

It was early morning when the collapse happened.  The sun hadn’t come up yet.  I should have been sleeping in my bed in the room I shared with my older brother David.  Instead, my mom had barged into our room and blown the fog horn.  Everyone in our house knew what the fog horn meant.  Emergency Disaster Drill.  E.D.D.  My parents ran E.D.D’s at least twice a month and timed how long it took us to get from the house into the underground shelter they had designed and built after David was born.  David was 17 years old.  An E.D.D. could happen anytime, day or night.  It was to test how prepared we were for a disaster.  What disaster I didn’t know but my parents made sure our family would be survivors.  David was convinced our parents were crazy.  He was just waiting until his 18th birthday when he could leave.  David was still in bed when I grabbed my emergency pack and ran out the bedroom door.  My dad was waiting by the door to the underground shelter when I got there but unlike every other E.D.D. I could remember the stopwatch wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  Still, It wasn’t until after my parents came down sealed the door that I realized this wasn’t a drill.  As my dad was locking us in he called out “roll call”.  During role call everyone called out their name, starting with the oldest and ending with the youngest.  After a short pause my oldest sister Lily called out her name followed by me and then my twin sister Courtney, and lastly my baby sister Brooke.  The noise outside startled all of us but it was my mother’s anguished cries that terrified us the most.  David wasn’t here.

Jennifer Lacewing is a lonely teenager whose father is too important to be around. Surviving in Helix, one of the last bastions to the small human existence on a decaying Earth, she longs to be a peaceful farmer. But things never go as planned. When Jennifer and Collins, her best friend, are forced to join the Wanderers, a small group that can mysteriously survive outside the safety of Helix’s fences, she is devastated.

And something else is amiss. Was it a coincidence that she became a Wanderer at the same time her father has been falsely accused of murder?” In a rush against time, Jennifer must complete her Wanderer training and clear her father’s name…or lose him forever.9781943050833-ebook Curse 290pg Rework.jpgAvailable on


You can read the first 4 chapters for free following this link.