Day Zero post


I am so sore from yesterday! You forget what working out feels like after being stuck in a tube for over a month. Mom ran us through the packing and unpacking drills again. Then more Pt with Dad.  He had us do squats, planks and lunges. It was a pretty boring day after that until after bed. During the night Mom and Dad woke Lily and I up. They took us to the dining room and told us Tomorrow morning Dad, Lily and I will be leaving the shelter to get the beast ready. The beast is a old RV Mom and Dad rebuilt. It has a lot of cool features in case we have to be on the move for a long time. There is even a hidden gun turret on top. Though I have only ever seen Mom work on it. Mostly she uses colorful words when she does, so I don’t know if it even works.. The plan is to put on our biohazard suits and get to the barn where the beast is. I am to be Dad’s backup in case something happens. Lily will cover us and open the door  if we need to get back into the shelter quickly. David was Dad’s back up and I had the honor of door duty, but he is not here anymore. It will be a short trip out. The barn is in back of the house. On the opposite side of the shelter near the forest line. Once we are back in the shelter we will decontaminate in the anteroom for an hour. After planning we set out all the gear we would be using. Dad got out the two plasma guns that he and I would be using from the shelters safe and a long rifle for Lily. Dad, Lily and I cleaned the guns then he put them back in the safe. Only 6 hours till I get to see the outside world again. Maybe I can convince Dad to take a detour into the house to get my slate before going back to the shelter.


Day 45

Mom and Dad had us start packing for the trip to the cabin. Each of us had to pack then repack our bags. I must have packed it 80 times before Mom said it was good. Then she made me repack it again to make sure I could do it in a hurry. After that Dad made us to do some PT. there was not a lot of room, so it was two at a time. Lily and Mom went first then Courtney and I. Dad said that this will be the routine until it is time to leave. That night Mom went all out at dinner, she even made sugar cookies! After all that we had a family game night. Dad even joined in. Brooke fell asleep in the middle of it and my parents put her bed.  Then gave us the talk. Not that talk, but what we might see while traveling to the cabin. We talked for a time about how to cope with what we might see. Courtney started tearing up just thinking about it. I sure hope I can sleep tonight.

Day 41

Tonight at dinner Mom and Dad said we are going to start preparing to leave the shelter! Dad said in 19 days we will be leaving and heading to the cabin. It is the best I can’t wait to be out in the open again! I wonder what sunlight feels like and TV oh how I missed that so much. Our cabin is connected to a little community of families like ours. We meet up every couple of months to talk peppering and learn about survival. The guy who lives in the area fully time  is loaded he was some extech company person. I hope there will be other kids there. The Robinson’s should be there with Will and Beth. I can’t wait to meet them finally. I should make them something. I will ask Lily to help me in the morning.

Day 38

Dad has been on the radio all day today talking to other families in their shelters. Whatever Mr.Robinson told him yesterday with the headsets on must have been bad. I wish Dad would talk to me more I can only stand talking to my sisters for so long. Today they started a knitting circle with Mom and talked reality tv all day. I ended up joining them I mean you can only cheat at solitaire so many times!


Day 37

     I was working on sewing a potholder when the Radio came alive. It was Mr.Robinson! We all grouped around the Radio waiting for Dad to reply. Will and Beth are going to make it! Mr.Robinson said that they had to take Will and Beth to a new shelter. Dad and Mr.Robinson talked for a long time about the conditions of the outside world. From what they talked about it sounds like we are going to be staying in this shelter longer than I hoped for. At least Will and Beth are safe.

Day 32

Today dragged on forever waiting for the Robinson’s to check in. Mom and Dad tried every trick in the book to keep us busy, but not too far away from the radio.  The call never came in. That night no one could sleep other than Brooke. I hope Will and Beth are okay.

Day 38


I didn’t sleep well last night.  I spent a lot of time thinking about what I had said to Brooke and the example I had shown to my family.  Then this morning dad told me Brooke wouldn’t be helping me with inventory anymore.  At first I thought I would have to do it alone as punishment for the way I had acted yesterday.  Nope.  Now mom is my assistant.  While mom is a lot smarter than Brooke, she is still really mad at me.  I guess I have to make amends with more than just Brooke.

Day 32

Mr Robinson found them.  They are all at the school now.  Dad and Mr Robinson talked for a while about the school.  It sounds like it is a good place to settle when everyone leaves their shelter.  Mr Robinson says it is really big.  Molly, Mr Robinson’s oldest daughter, gave Will some medicine to help him feel better.  Mrs Robinson made a broth that Molly is slowly feeding Will.  It sounds like he is already doing so much better.  No one is worried that he won’t make it anymore.  Beth is also eating the broth.  I haven’t been able to talk to her yet but I am relived she is safe now.  30 days and I will get out of this shelter.  Then we will go to the school and I will meet her.  30 days.

Day 31

I can’t sleep.  Brooke is the only one that doesn’t know what is going on, but the rest of us are too excited to sleep.  Or at least Courtney, Lily, and I are.  I don’t know if it is excitement or worry that keeps my parents awake.  We played a game of monopoly together.  It went surprisingly good.  Then my parents said everyone needed to go to bed.  I can still here everyone moving around though so I know they are all awake.  In just a few hours the Robinsons should radio in.  I’m excited to know what is going on.  Mr Robinson is a veteran prepper.  His report on the outside will be more informative than any of Will’s.  I also want to know how Will and Beth are doing.  I really hope they are okay.