Post Apocalyptic Science Fantasy for Young Adults The Wanderer's Curse.
The Wanderer’s Curse: Authors Sarah Linder and Jacob Pelley

Jacob Pelley-My love for Books, Photography and Storytelling started at a young age. I would read everything I could. Send many hours in the dark room back when you had to develop film and slaying dragons in my share time. In college I  studied Music and Photography which help develop my skills to where they are today.

In 2013 I started a small film and photo business with my friends. The places we have gone and people we have meet has been amazing. I truly love everyday that I go out and film/photo. The best part is helping people capture memories that will last a lifetime.

My photo sessions are light-hearted and tailored to what you want. I like to sit down with each new client before a shot and map out the details of what they want. That way on the day of the shot it help makes it as stress free as I can make it.

When I am not photographing you can find me trading the stock market, being the dad to my kids I always wanted growing up and giving my wife a much need nap.


Sarah Linder grew up adventuring in creeks, caves, and on horseback. She still has a wanderer’s heart and spends most her time wrangling five children. Sarah and her husband, Sammy Gonzales, live in Fresno, California.

Lyndee Theson is a book reviewer and contributor to the Dystopian Shuffle blog.