Journal Entry: 345 “A Familiar bed ”

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Day 345 “A Familiar bed ”


I imagine when we rolled into Daikon everyone was happy to see us. Hugs and handshakes for all. A little parade and a dinner party held in our honor for making it back. I imagine this because the next time I woke up it was in my fimlar infirmary bed at the camp hospital. Hooked up to an IV with fluids going and I think antibiotics? Mom was sleeping in a chair next to Dad. If you knew Mom that was a big deal for her to be out and not working. I gave them a short hey and then it was all hugs. Yes by the way my ribs are still broken. The sharp stabbing chest pain  didn’t matter I was home. With my family once again. I missed them so so much. All of us were crying. Me mostly from the monster hug Mom gave me. 


After all the hugs and crying it was time for a nice chat. Mom said that I was to never leave her sight again. Dad agreed with her that I am forever home bound from this day out. Once I heal up that I will be lucky to see the outside. I am okay with that. As long as I can still see my friends and Beth. Who by the way is going to make it. That last fight really did a number on her. She had to go into surgery and is in recovery right now. Mom will take me to go see her once she is awake. Got to check on my battle buddy.


Coutrney, Lily and Brooke where waiting for me outside my room. I was so glad to see them safe. I don’t think Coutrney said a single complete sentence the whole visit. She was mostly all tears same with Lily. Brooke drew me a picture of the baby goat that Mr.Meza let her “have”. She is getting good at drawing. After our a few hours  the doctor finally worked up the courage to ask everyone to leave. Also I think he noticed the pained look on my face for all those hugs He must have been watching my face each time someone tried to test just how broken my ribs were. Then in typical Mom fashion told everyone they had work to do. She came back later in the day to check on me. As did everyone else, but Lily. We still need to talk about why they didn’t meet up with us. 


Near bedtime Mom helped go see  Beth. She was still a little out of it, but gave me a weak smile before falling back to sleep. After our brief visit Mom helped my back to my room. Now time to heal up and sleep while my family watches over me. Courtney is going to stay the night tonight to keep me company and help we around for the next few days. I told her I fought monsters in this shape, I think I can handle getting to the bathroom easy enough.  Though I am glad to have the company tonight, so didn’t press the issue too much. It will be nice to catch up with her.  


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