Journal Entry: 342 “Not the rescue you were thinking”

Day 342 “Not the rescue you were thinking”

 So here we are  surrounded by monsters.  Ammo running dry, body’s broken and oh did I mention surrounded by monsters. This was the end of our journey. I remember telling Beth to make a break for it and I will distract them. She telling me you don’t leave battle buddies behind. We fought for every inch in the hopes of finding an escape route, but alas we were flanked on all sides. More of the charred kept showing up. They kept to the sidelines to wait for their chance to charge in. Every once in a while a smaller charred beast would enter the fray.. After Beth and I downed the third one my Drake blade broke. Leaving me with both a broken arm and  knife to defend myself . Beth was not looking so great either. With a giant slash across her stomach. At least we put up a good fight. 

That is when we noticed something odd. No more ghouls came out of the tree line to attacks us. The larger Charred also stayed where they were. Those glowing red, yellow and blue eyes just watching us. Giving us a few more minutes on this earth before they attacked. Once the sun cleared the horizon  that is when this giant cracked skin monster start walking towards from the only escape route. Each time it stepped the others beast around us made one step closer. Like a hangman’s noose slowly cutting off our air. The beast to the left of us attack one of its own. Then they started attacking each other. Maybe to see who was in charge or who got the first bite. It didn’t matter we just started running.

Now when I say running I mean more of a hobble. Beth and I used each other as a crutch to keep moving. We kept going as long as we could. Every few steps one of us would fall and pick the other back up to keep going. All the while the charred kept fight among themselves. There was ghouls in front of us, but they seemed frozen watching their master fight. To do the bidding of the winner once it was determined. Like statues their sunken eyes just staring at them. If we could have just kept going Daikon is just a few days away. Looking over at Beths wounds  it was just a matter of time until one of collapse. The monsters knew they had us and where just fighting for who got us as a trophy. 

 It did not take long for the winner to let out a trumpet roar. With a powerful howl  all the ghouls slowly started moving again. This time moving to the sides of the road to let their master claims it prize. Maybe we could keep running hoping to out run it, but I knew it was in vain. I could feel its footsteps thumbing loudly behind us ever so closer. Both of us knew this would be our last stand. Even if we dropped it the ghouls would finish us off. We turned to face the bloody alpha predator. To say it was huge would be an understatement. It was a giant of a monster. Bleeding for its battle with the others and I think grinning. With larger jagged teeth and blue glowing eyes fixed on us. I pulled my knife and Beth her shotgun now club. Reading ourselves for what was next.

The monster slowly working its way into a charge. Beth and I still leanings on each other for support and at the last second we pushed off one  another to avoid the beast impact. It must have known what we were planning because it pivot right back around. Backhanding me into the ground. That blow knocking the air out of me and probably breaking a few ribs to. It then went for the killing blow only to be cracked over the head by Beth and her bat. Staggering it the beast and sending the mortal to me blow wide. Still stunned and trying to catch my breath it turned to attack Beth. 

I managed to get back to me feet when I saw it land a solid blow on Beth. Her body going limp mid air as she flew back into a rock. Bouncing of it and landing on the ground unmoving. This monster then turned to me to finish me off. Blood rushing to my head I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. Confinditly it walked back to me. Then with a surprised look it clutched at its chest and fell over. Its lifeless bodies unmoving on the ground. I tried to make my to Beth, but my legs did not work. With one arm I slowly crawled to her and found a weak pulse. The rest after that was a bit of a haze. I remember hearing a voice and a feeling of weightless. Was this what it was like when your spirit leaves your body was my last thought then I blacked out.

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Day Zero| Jacob Pelley| Oktoberfest.
A photo that I took in honor of oktoberfest. Something I have wanted to do for a while now

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