Journal Entry: 340 “ It was a cool ghoul party”

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Day 340 “ It was a cool Ghoul  party”

The path of the judge has been  real trail. Since we left the last shelter it has been one long battle. Every trail and alternative path has some sort of monster on it. At one point we tried to turn around to head back to the shelter only to find it blocked. Ammo is starting to run real low. Unless we run into something big and bad it is melee weapons and running from here on out. At least most of these ghouls are not in the best of shape. Though even with them being in bad shape does not make them any less dangerous. We have to rest at some point they don’t.

After two days of fighting and running we had to stop for a bit. Beth was the one to find this nice  hiding spot. Still we have to be ready to move at anytime. My body aches so bad even my aches ache. We can only stay in one spot for so long. It is only a matter of time till the ghouls catch up to us. Once Beth wakes up it will be time to make the final push to the beast. If we make it there we can take a little longer rest. Even if the inside are all messed up at least we can sleep on top of it for some protection. I don’t think our bodies  can go on much longer. This life of constantly being chased by things that want to eat us it starting to wear on our mind to. Starting to see things not there and hear sound nothing making. Is this what shell shock is like? Maybe I am just over tired which on that note is time to wake Beth up.

 Sooner than I wanted Beth quitely woke me up from my nap. The Charred has caught up to us. I knew stopping was a bad idea. Nothing we can do it about it now. They are looking for us or something out here. Once the sunsets we are going to make a break for the beast. Running in the dark with all these things is not the best idea. In fact it is a terrible one, but they will find us eventually where we are. I have counted 3 of those larger burtues Charred and 2 of those sickly yellow horned Charred looking for us. Near Sunset we got lucky. One of them found a deer hiding in the brush. They are off chasing that. Time to get to running hopefully that will distract them from us for a bit.

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