Journal Entry: “The path to home”

Day 338 “The path to home”


Once we leave this shelter there will be no turning back. There is only 1 hideout left then a straight path home. We are headed to  “the beast” our family’s bug out RV. There will be no need to hold back on using our weapons anymore. As we get closer to Daikon the shoots will only help us this time. Soon I will be back with my family back where it is safe. Back to Daikon safe at last. Well that is the plan anyways. First we have to get there.


Now this last shelter is not called the Judge, but this last path home is. Either you are worthy of making it or not. It will also be the longest trail without a shelter to hide out in. Yes there will be a few temporary places, but nothing that could withstand an attack. We are walking on a path full of monsters, slicks roads and no help. I know if we  made it this far we can make it the rest of the way. What is the end of the world to stand in our way back home. It would have been nice to stay here for a little while longer, but that is not in the cards for us.  


While doing a security check outside Beth and I engaged a small pack of ghouls. The ones that have been trackings us have caught up to us. While rested they march towards us never sleeping always coming closer. If they are here then the Charred are close by. I think they are tracking us by smell or sometime. The longer we stay here,  more will be catching up to us slowly pinning us down. Most of the ammo in this last shelter have been taken. Leaving us with minimal defense to put up a fight. Which left us with two choices. One stay here until Daikon can send a rescue party. Two make a run for it. I know a few of the Charred could brute force the door leading down below open making choice 2 are only viable option. Still I put it up for a vote with Beth agreed with running.


Tomorrow before sunrise we will be heading home. Our next resting point will be my family’s old RV the beast that is broken down at then next temporary shelter. IT would have been great to fix it up then drive it home. That unfortunately requires more tools than what I have on me. Which is none at the moment. The crashed SUV back at 50/50 rock had all the tools needed for that job. Any hopes of getting one of the vehicles that the search party left behinds is also zero. The only vehicle that will carry us home is our legs. My achy sore bruised legs.  


We will have to travel light to keep up a faster pace. Limited supplies and ammo. Again I don’t know if we will have enough water to make it the whole way back. There are no streams the way we are headings and no way of knowing the condition of the supplies in the best.  While looking through the supplies we could use Beth found a hydration backpack, so at least I know we can make to the beast. Plus a ton of pain killers to use for our aching bodies to push through. My whole body still hurts and there is still so much longer to go. The path ahead of us is lead home though. If I can just make it a little longer all these pains will be worth it. Mom I am coming home.


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