Journal Entry: 334 “The shot heard around the valley”

Hydra|Day Zero|Jacob Pelley

Day 334 

Well so much for not firing our weapons out here. During the night something found us. I guess we could only hide out for so long. A group of ghouls found our cave. Once we dispatched them and made it out the whole forest came to life. There were more thing looking for us out here than I thought and knew just where to find us now.  It would have been nice to rest a little longer. My legs were still sore from yesterday. Now we have to move or lose it.

The hill that I thought where the judge was right. Once we found the trail it is a straight shoot there or at least it would have been. We across ran  a pack of ghouls on the trail. It was only a small group of them in their rotting clothes marching on the path. Most of them disfigured or missing body parts. Like they have been walking nonstop for the past year.  One of them was grasping on the leg of another ghoul. It was missing most of its body from the hips down. The ghoul it was attached to did not seem to mind. Taking another route was not an option, so we had to go through them  I pulled my las pistol and took them out one by one. Beth made sure they stayed down. Too bad it that was just the first of many. We kept coming across more packs as the day went on.

It was late in the afternoon the next day when we finally had to stop to rest. After we dropped the last pack of ghouls we took our time walking the trail. No point in running even though we are being pursued. Better to let what is coming to us get tired and worn out than us. Plus I don’t think I could run anymore even if I tried.  My legs are all jello like. Our hiding spot for the next few hours is right up against a large rock formation. I just didn’t have the energy to make a new lean to. We ate then finished off the last of our water and MREs. No use rationing any more like I wanted. After we ate Beth got the first nap. Only a little bit for each of us then back to the trail. 

During my watch I found some snow. It  didn’t look great, but it will have to do. I packed as much as I could into out water canteens. Then added some iodine and parasite killers for water purification. Not going to be the best tasting, but some water is better than none. To melt it  I placed the canteens under my shirt close to my body and the back of my neck. Then relaxed next to Beth while she slept. She was in a restless sleep moaning every few minutes. Once we make it to the shelter at the judge she can sleep as much as she wants. Until then will have to do with what we got for now.

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