Journal Entry: 332 “Oskoreia”

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Day 332 “Oskoreia”

Yesterday was another full day of running for our lives. After my nap two days ago the monsters found us. I haven’t even had a chance to figure out if we  heading the right way. Just making a break for the Hill I think is right. At least I got my compass out and got our heading due west. If I am right, we should make it to the judge in a few days. Though can our bodies hold up? During the last rest stop Beth pulled  her boots off to find that two of her toe nails have just come off. I didn’t even know that could happen. She handled it way better than I did. She said that it happened to some of her gymnastics friends before. Still yuck I could have gone my whole life without seeing that.

We were forced to take a break later in the day. This time I didn’t have a choice in the matter. Cramps have been rocking my calfs for the past hour. If I had to rate the pain it up there with losing a finger. Our resting stop was a cave that a little of the path. It was occupied by a family of rodents that were not too happy to share. Beth managed to scare them away. Then she hid the entrance with some brush the best she could. The cave was small but deep giving us a chance to hide out for a bit.  The Entrance was still covered in snow giving us a water source.. With the rodents it does c mean we had to boil and treat the water first. That used up the rest of our small camping stove to treat, but had to be done. 

Beth was kind enough this time to let me sleep first. She guarded the door and worked on hiding it better. Which I have to say when I woke up and didn’t have a monster standing over me she did a pretty good job. Also I am surprised on how fast I fell asleep with monsters that have to be somewhere in the area. After my nap it was time to fix our heading.

It took a bit of work to sort of figure out where we could be. I am about 80% certain on our path. By the way reading a map and compass with only the light of a few glow sticks is not easy. This is where me of the past is thankful that I put where the Judge should be around on the map before we headed out. That make things so much easier for us. Now all I have to do is make sure our bearings are right. Then it should be a clear path to the Judge. Before Beth went to sleep I had her give me her map and compass to adjust her leading lines just incase. Incase we get separated. Once that was taken care of it was time to check our supplies.

Water should last at least until tomorrow. After that thought is when things get scary. We are running low on food. The body can go without eating for a bit, but try hiking on an empty stomach. We might be able to hunt or at least forage. If we ration it could last two days maybe. Also all this running we are burning a lot of calories.  Going to have to make some new holes in my belt if this keeps up. Ammo we are good on, so we have that going for ourselves. Then again a gun out here is a dinner bell to everything that wants to eat us. If we make it to the Judge within the next two days and everything will be okay. You know unless another cascade event happens or monsters finally catch up to us. Maybe the others will be there safe and sound waiting for us. You never know it could happen right? 

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