Journal Entry: 330 “The Wild Hunt”

Day Zero|Jake Pelley|Tiger

Day 330 “The Wild Hunt”


Finally after another day of running from whatever is chasing us we got a break. Beth and I are hiding out under some fallen trees near a small stream. We had no choice, but to stop I can hardly walk due to cramps. It was time to hydrate and rest otherwise our bodies are going to hit the hard stop button. Like passing out or cramps so bad you can’t move then stroke out. After seeing SUV I now know we are alone out here. There is no help coming we are long out here.


The stream that we camped by has clean enough water, but we had to risk a fire to boil it. Again better safe than sorry. Also, I needed a warm meal for once. The fire only needed to be lit for a short time, so gathering wood for it was easy enough. It did not take long to get going and I think it is hidden from view. No way to tell unless something big and bad finds us. After we ate and rehydrated I let Beth take the first rest. I gave her some of the pain meds we packed from the Mausoleum. To help her get to sleep faster and to dual all the pain she is in. It did not take long after the meds hit for her to crash giving me some time to think about our plan to make it to the Judge.  Also to think about the SUV.


Part of me so badly wants to go back to the wreck. I thought I saw someone or something inside it as we ran past. What if someone was still alive in there hoping to be rescued and we brought monsters to them. Like a can of soup waiting to be opened with clawed hands. I doubt that I can make it back there safely though. We are lost in the forest. After running all day I don’t have any bearings on where we are. I think the hill I see to the West of us is the right way, but I need a map and compass to figure it out. Beth is currently using our packs as a pillow to hold and rest her head on and that is where my map is. Best to let her rest. Once she wakes up and I get some rest I will fix our heading.


It has been a few hours now and no monsters yet. I am so tired I think my mind is playing tricks on me. The winds through the trees sound like voices and I thought I saw a ghoul limping alone. Just shadows and light with weary eyes made me almost shoot and give our location away. Beth has been talking in her sleep about her brother asking him to comeback. Once she wakes me up from my cat nap I bet she will tell me I did the same about Lily.  Time for her to find out. Finally it is my turn for some sleep.


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