Journal Entry: 326 “Off the beaten path”

Day 326 “Off the beaten path”

The trail to 50/50 Rock was difficult to travel after the storm. Most of it was washed out or thick with mud. I slipped more than few times. The plan for today was to make it at least farther than we did last time and try to camp close to the base of 50/50 rock. We ended up just barely passing the halfway point. Before having to stop due to fatigue. Our campsite for tonight was a large rock far off the wet ground. A nice exposed spot out in the open. It would have been nice to find a hiding spot, but we were just too tired to look.

After we passed the halfway point again we got a better look at my old home. There was still the same amount of monsters as there was a few days ago there. Almost like they are camping at the place. Maybe they smell food or waiting for the rest of the monsters to gather there. It is a shame that there is where they decided to group up. I would have liked to looks for the others close by. With that many monsters down below that would be a death wish though. If the others have left I wonder why they are still hanging out the area?

Beth wanted frist watch this time. It was dark when I woke up to find her fast asleep.  I am not going to give her a hard time about it. She must have been worn out. We might have to find a better place to hide out for a few days. To give  the ground a chance to harden up. Walking up 50/50 rock is too dangerous right now. Though being this out in the open we might have to risk the walk if something is chasing us. I have never seen ghouls sleep, so even with their slow pace they might catch up to us. 

The rest of the night was still as I stood watch. Wind picking up a few times sending a chill down my. Garvid clouds block the moon for a time then pass. There might be a second storm coming. We are not prepared to deal with that again. I sure hope the others waiting for us at the top of this hill. It will be nice to be able to travel together. Only a week or two more then we will be back home at Daikon with the rest of my family. Safe and secure .


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