Journal Entry: Day 324 “The Thunder Rolls”

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Day 324 “The Thunder Rolls”

The sky threatened rain all day today. Dark storm clouds are gathering around the forest. This late in the season it might be a big one. Once we reached the halfway point to 50/50 rock I had us turn back. The road up that hill is one lane and not safe traveling in the rain. There is no cover just one long winding road to the top. I don’t want to risk being exposed to that much elemental forces and monsters. Once I had a good long look at my old home  we headed back to our campsite from last night.

The rain started once we reached our lean to. Lighting lit up the sky, and thunder shook the trees. Our little lean to is in as safe of a location as it could be in a forest. Plus with the overgrowth and extra camouflage no water is getting in. I know this will delay our progress to meet with the others, but at least we will have clean water to drink now. I know we shouldn’t, but we spoiled ourselves with a full MRE each tonight. Even heated it up with a small camp stove. With the rain coming down hard it gave Beth and I a chance to chat. Mainly we talked about what we saw back at the lookout point.

Looking down from our vantage point the scene was not great back at home. From what we could see It was a party for monsters. I think there were more there than when we first left a few days ago. Beth said that they might have come back after drew them away. She is more hopeful than I am about the others escaping from that. Still I want her to be right. I could not be for sure, but I thought I saw the garage where we had the SUV stored at open and empty. Which means at least someone got out. I think it was just my mind playing tricks on me though. If I say it enough though maybe it will become true.  As we get closer to 50/50 rock we should start to see some sort of trail they left. Then again the rain could wash it all away.

After a while it was time for Beth to sleep. As always I let her sleep first. It also puts her in a better state of mind. The rain was soothing as it pitter patters our roof. Thunder rumbling off in the distance. Radiant lightning illuminating the forest around us. I almost fell asleep a fre times myself  listening to it. My eyes are getting heavy it and writing is not helping any. Time to find something to keep me awake. At least until it is Beth’s time to watch.


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