Journal Entry: 323 “Out into the wild green wastes”

Heron|Day Zero|Jake Pelley

Day 323

The Sun was just starting to rise when we left for 50/50 rock. It was eerie leaving the safety of the mausoleum. Over the past year I have left a lot of shelters and it has never gotten easier. The only noise outside was our feet as we made our way deeper into the forest. We traveled without speaking to avoid being detected. At this peace it will take longer than  expected to make it to the next shelter. Also means gun fire is to be used as a last resort. If and when the monsters show up running will be the first thing we do. I taught Beth how to read a map as best as I could and gave her an old compass. Our destination is a fixed heading as long as the compass is pointed. Once we pass the halfway point there is no missing it.  Just have to make it there first.


Our rest stop was under some  fallen trees. After we made sure it was safe to hide there. Remember what looks good to us, looks great to wildlife. Breakfast was protein bars and gatorade packs mixed into our water. Beth and I chatted quietly for a bit. That was cut short  once we heard movement in the forest. Something was making a lot of noise. There was a screech of some type of animal then nothing. Something just killed skunk or at least tried. It has been a while since I smelled something awful. Good thing breakfast was light, otherwise I would have lost it. On the plus side at least we don’t have to worry about monsters tracking us by smell for bit. For the rest of the day the whole forest smelled like skunk. After a while, I thought I would get used to it, but no. Even after the sunset it still pressited maybe even gotten worse. 


A few hours before sunset we set up a small lean to. Around some undergrowth.  I took some time to camouflage it better, so anything wandering the forest tonight might just walk on by it. With the camouflage and skunk  the only way something should be able to track us is through sight. I let Beth sleep first giving me first watch. It was surprising how fast she fell asleep. After a year of being on the run from monsters I guess you learn to get used to it.  Tomorrow we should reach the halfway point to 50/50 rock giving us a partial view of my old home. To see if the others are still there.



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Day Zero|Jake Pelley|
The moon right at the blue hour. I took this photo at Lost Lake in Fresno,Ca. To get this shoot I have to set up my photo on a tripod and use a ND filter.




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