Journal Entry: 321 “Just the two of us”

Day 330 “Just the two of us”

The others have still not arrived.  I am starting to get worried they should have been here by now.  Even on foot Lily should have made it. This lead Beth and I believe our plan to draw the monsters off didn’t work. Maybe we made it worse by drawing all the others still roaming around in the area to the shelter. Once they got bored looking for us. Did we send others to their deaths?

I spent most of the day outside the walls of the tomb listing for the others. I waited until long after the sun set for at least some sign of them. A horn, light or gunshot, but nothing. If they are not here by tomorrow Beth and I are going to head to 50/50 rock.  On the way to the rock we have to backtrack a little. Giving us a small window to look for the others. Not as close as I would like, but if we drew a bigger corwad of monsters to the shelter back home it will be a huge risk to even get that close. 

Once the sun was below the horizon we started to get ready to leave. It is going to be a short tack to 50/50 rock by car, but a lot longer by foot. I am sort of glad we are walking, that road turns my stomach upside down and inside out. Just thinking about it… I better not blag. We will be leaving right before sunrise to avoid Crypt Wisp if any are out there. Which leads me to the worst news to report I lost my scope. There will be no way for us to see them from here on out. 


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