Journal Entry: 320 “Trapped in a box”

Hydra|Day Zero|Jacob Pelley

Day 320 “Trapped in a box”


 I slept like the dead. After days of running and hiding I almost didn’t want to wake up. This year I have lost so much.  It would have been fitting to have ended my journey here. Inside a tomb next to Beth. Being inside this tomb is giving me these dark thoughts. We are going to stay here for a few days. Then start the trip to 50/50 rock.  Hopefully that others will meet us there. I wonder is taking them so long?


I thought I heard a vehicle while  outside today. It could have been my mind playing tricks on me. Like people that are traveling the desert and see water off in the horizon. Only to find an ocean of sand. Beth said she heard it to. Both of us waited outside of the maslouem for as long as we could for them. You never know if something was following them and we had only a small window to load in and take off. Once it got dark we went back inside. 


My body still aches heading to 50/50 rock now would not be wise. Beth is also messed up. She has blisters up and down her feet. That is one thing you don’t mess with while out in the wild. Open wounds can get infected quickly and out here there is no doctors. Even minor infections can sometimes turn ugly fast. The mausoleum is stocked with a few medical items, but nothing that can handle sepsis. Once we are healed and patched up we will head out. Until then we wait for the others.  





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