Journal Entry: Day 315 “Treehouse of Horror”

Day 315 “Treehouse of horror”


It has been two days since Beth and I left the shelter to draw the monsters away. We left under the cover of darkness. To give us the best chance of making it to the destinations undetected. It must have taken every bit of courage for Beth not to run back into the shelter hatch once outside. Ghouls and the Charred covered the grounds. A few of those Horned Charred were resting near the main door. They will make quick work of the door. It may only take a few hours at best for them to get it inside.  Which means we picked a good time to draw them away.


Keeping close to the ground we made our way to the forest line. At some points crawling.  A few ghouls came close spotting us. Lucky they were coming from the opposite direction of our destination.  With all this activity we had to take things slower than planned. It close to noon when we reach the woodshed. Everything takes extra time when you want to go unnoticed. Not wasting anymore time got to work. I could already he the loud thud of something slamming into metal from out here. The horned Charred must have begun their assault on the shelter door.


We worked most of the day away.  A couple of times we had to take cover to hide from the odd ghoul passing by.  Once everything was set up we decided to wait until the second fire and sound devices were made ready to start. With this amount of monsters nearby better to be ready to run to the treehouse. Even out here they roamed. There is no city or home close by here. These ghouls must have been wondering out here for months. Most of their clothes in tatters revealing bones and internal organs. Also that smell I don’t think I could eat for a week after that. One of those smells that will be hard to forget.


We lit the fires in the afternoon. Had this not been a mission it would be a great place to stay the night. A warm fire on a deep in the forest with only Beth and I. What more could you want. The oncoming storm of monsters will soon make this campsite a monsters only event. We rush to the second sight once the first log dropped on the self feeding system we set up. The second sight is when things got scary.


The three noise grandes worked  a little too well. We were encircled by ghouls  faster than we expected. All our exits were choked off. Which gave us no choice but to engage in combat. At least this time firing a gun would help us out, but had to conserve our ammo. Just taking out enough ghouls to give us a clear path to the tree house.  It was working until one of the Charred came rushing in. cutting a huge hole into a pine tree right as I tumble out of its way. We could not risk leading it to our hiding spot. I knew way out here that was sure to lose it. 


There is a stream out in the woods that swells up every year from the snow melt. In some parts the water moves quickly and is deeper than you would think. All we had to do was cross it. That was the plan, but while crossing Beth lost her footing and was dragged off in the current.  She managed to grab onto a fallen tree, but was her pack got tangled up in all the branch. The only way she could free herself was to cut it off. I meet up with her downstream after losing The horned Charred somewhere in the forest. Then we head to the tree house both soaked and tried.


We make it to the treehouse before complete nightfall. I had to check my map and compass a few times to fix our path. The treehouse had definitely had seen some wear this year, but  had to do. There are two ways to get inside. First is for one person to climb up and lower a rope ladder. The second way was a rope system hooked up to some pulleys that made an elevator. Dad helped build this part and it was made  to last. Though those pulleys definitely needed some work. Once we made it to the top the only door leading inside was difficult to open. Wildlife had also taken up residents here. It smelled awful, but at least it was a safe place to hide.


Beth was soaked and shivering once the temperatures outside dropped. Without her pack she would have been without dry cloths and hyperthermy could have set in. I had spare clothes in my pack for her whilst her dryed. We huddle under my sleeping bag to help get her body temp back up. She joked at least she we got today.. Our laughter was cut short when something roared off in the distance. The monsters are still looking for us. I hope they get up soon. We took turns keeping watch, but of us  both could not rest. I hope the others escaped.



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