Journal Entry: Day 312 “I go walking after midnight”

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Day 312


I am living the shelter with Beth tonight. The plan is to draw the horde of monsters trying to get inside away long enough for everyone to get to the SUV. Then start the trip back to Daikon.  Beth and I will then meet up with everyone at the mausoleum. If everything goes to plan. This might be my last entry for a while. We could be on the run the whole time back to Daikon. Which does not give me a lot of time to write.


Here is the plan as of right now. Beth and I will head to one of the wood sheds we have in the forest. Our family has a couple of these on our priority. Mainly to rotate the green wood to dry. We will head to two of them and set a fire. To keep the fire going I will be using the self feeding method. In the middle of set up I will pack it with greeniest wood that will burn. The fire should draw some attention, but the smoke should help mask our scent. Once the green wood drops it will tigger some noise makers attached to it. We should be at the second site deep into the forest before that happens. I don’t want to stick around to see what all that draws in.


At the second sight it will be the same as the first, but with added noise. When Lily first started dating Mom and Dad gave her a gift. One of those pull the pins self defense sound devices. They are also great if you get lost in the forest. One time while camping out for the night Courtney thought see saw a bear. She pulled the pin on hers and threw it at it. Turns out that bear was a raccoon. Who took it and ran off with it. The battery in those things last a long time. Everyone in the family had a good laugh about it for weeks. Courtney didn’t think it was funny.  Inside the shelters while cataloging our supplies Lt. Gale found 3 of them. That should be enough noise to bring in things from all the way back in Daikon. Once the fire is going and the noise blasting we will have  to book it.

With everything hopefully heading to the two fires we will need a hiding place to lay low for a day. Which brings us to the treehouse. More than a mile in the forest stands an old treehouse. It was a christmas present from Mom and Dad to Lily and David. Our parents gave those two free reign to build it as they wanted. Which the way those two did  even the end of the world could not break it apart. They picked a old tall oak tree to make it in. I wish was old enough to remember the frown mom made the day they showed it to her once it was done. How they managed to build it up that high I will never know. Lily once let it slip that Dad helped. Now being high in a tree is not the best place to hide. Ever wonder how people hunt bears, but it will give us cover which it better than nothing.

After a day or two depending on forest activity we will head out to the mausoleum. The moon should be waxing giving us enough light to travel.  I know the trail well and Beth may get bumped around, but she will have to cope. Do you think this adventure counts as a date? Maybe I should pack some of the good MREs to eat while we hide out. Eating MRE’s while hiding in a treehouse under the moon. Though I think the monsters outside will put a squash on making out. Then again nothing says good time like drawing  a massive crowd of people eating monsters then running for your life. I will ask Beth once we make it to the mausoleum. Time to get ready for tonight.


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Flowers|Jacob Pelley|Nature
A photo of a strange plant that I did. I like how the colors came out the green bulbs against orange backround.

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