Journal Entry: Day 312 “Door to Nothingness”

Deep Dream|Day Zero|The wanderer's curse

Day 312 “door to nothingness”


If Lt. Gale didn’t have shelter shock before she does now. Everyone is starting to show the signs. The monsters are still  outside the shelter door. Testing for ways inside. Racking nails, teeth and claws against the door. Like nails on a chalkboard. It is only a matter of time until they get in at this rate. There is a second way out of the shelter a hidden passage. Leading to a hatch that will take us a little ways again from the front door. I doubt that more than 2 people can make it out this hatch without getting noticed though.


I am going to be honest with myself for once here.  If Colonel Rives is still recovering from a broken leg. It takes up to 3 months to fully heal from that. Even minor breaks take a long time with leg bones. Unless we can make it to the SUV going unnoticed he will not make it on foot to Daikon. I have seen the Charred run faster than even a healthy person can run.  Then add on top of that the only two people that know the area we are traveling is Lily and I. Which further reduces his odds if separated from us. He is a smart man and I can tell he knows this. 


That leads me to the two options we have. One stay down here until they eventually get in or give up. I doubt they are going to leave. Remember if one of those horned Charred shows up it will make quick work of this door. They are in the area somewhere.  Which takes me to the second option someone leaves out the hidden hatch and draws them away from the main door, so the others can leave. Which is the option we are going over now. That plan will land on Lily or I. Really though falls on me to do it. Lily knows the area a lot better than I do which mean she has to stay to guide the others. Which means I will be cast into the lion’s den. We are going with this option.


Tomorrow night I will be leaving the shelter to make my way to the mausoleum by myself. I could already here Mom and Dads no on this option, but the radio has been knocked offline, with the solar panels outside.  Beth will be my battle buddy for this. I would do it alone, but in case something happen we need to have a backup person. Plus two is better than one. Let’s hope the monsters outside decide they have better things to do in the next 24 hours. Now I need to get everything in order for tomorrow I will keep you in the loop for the plan before I go out.



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