Journal Entry:Day 310 “The Zombies are coming”

Hydra|Day Zero| Jacob Pelley

Day 310 “The Zombies are coming”


Today is the final day outside before we leave for home. Colonel Rives is making great progress on walking and Ronin has fully cleared for duty. In two weeks we will be making our way back home. The SUV still needs some work and made ready to travel. Which means a lot of grunt work. Like rotate the tires, change the oil and clean out the filters if they even can be cleaned.  Lily and Beth are working on getting the packs for each ready. Ronin and Will were on guard detail. While we tasked away. It was Will that sounded the alarm to hide. The ghouls have made it to our home.


We gathered  to watch them march down the road. At first it was just a few of them. Then a small army of  just marching down the road. To fire a gun would be a death sentence for us. There were more of them than we had bullets.  We took shelter inside the garage while the ghouls passed. I had finished working on the SUV, so we hid in there ready to drive out of there if we needed to. Thinking back, we should have just ran back into the shelter. I was sitting in the driver’s seat and could just make out the endless tide of monsters. They were heading somewhere, but the road they are marching on ends in a few miles. Something must have been calling for them.


After what felt like forever they had passed us. I should have known though that  scarier  monsters were not far behind. Ronin made contact with the first charred coming from the tree line. He managed it down it in one shot. Which would have been amazing hadit not alerted everything else out here. He might as well rang a dinner bell. Every monster will be following where that came from. Lily and I had already started sprinting back underground before the beast hit the ground.   Looks like we are going to be staying longer than planned.


We have to take shifts inside the airlock to make sure nothing gets inside. Even though the shelter door could withstand a prolonged assault. It will not last forever. I am on door breach duty right now.  There has been something knocking and raking claws against the door for a while now. No way am I going to be able to sleep now. My eyes start to get heavy then there is a wham wham at the door. Better than coffee at keeping you awake. I hope they get bored soon and just move on. I doubt it though. Colonel Rives might not  get a chance to heal up before we need to bug out. Which means his chances to make it back home just dropped by a lot. The higher ups have been planning an exit strategy for the past few hours. Lily and I already know unless you know the forest and roads around us if the monsters don’t get you nature will.



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