Journal Entry:Day 302 “Family to the end”

Day Zero|The Wanderer's Curse|Bigfoot

Day 302 “Family to the end”


My whole body hurts from all that work yesterday.  I think everyone felt that way. If we needed to leave for Daikon today I am sure none of us would make it. Another storm has came in while we slept and is still going. Meaning more bike time if we want to talk to Daikon. I guess I can be sore after we talked to everyone back home.


There will be no hot showers and we turned the air filter to emergency mode. That way we can talk longer with less bike riding. Going to get a bit smelly down here with both those off. Ronin and Beth have opted to take longer turns to get the AC back on. Though Ronin can’t over do it still at least that is what Lt. Gale said. I bet if we let him he would bike the whole time to hide his guilt. You can see he still feels bad about the situation.


Fremont radioed at the scheduled time. Lt. Gale got to talk to her family first. Her Husband and kids are all safe. We let her talk as long as she wanted. The whole while you could she was fighting back tears. After her time was up she went into the airlock. Which I don’t blame her. She needed some alone time to collect herself. Beth went in after her to be an arm to cry on.

I wish I could say our time talking to the family was good as Lt. Gales. After Mom confirmed we were okay she gave us a laundry list of chores to do. Like glad you are okay now get to work. Dad was a little bit more sympathetic. He at least told us how to get the batteries to last longer while we use the radio. Things like did you turn the stove off, which we didn’t. Colonel Rives and Fremont needed to chat so our talk was cut short. I sure would have liked to talk to Courtney. Next time I guess.


Starting tomorrow Colonel Rives and Ronin are going to start training for incase we have to walk all the way back to Daikon. The trip back will be broken up into three parts. Along the route back there are smaller shelters and bug out locations to rest at. The first will be the mausoleum. Second will be 50/50 rock then finally the Judge.  Each area will have its own risk and danger to it. There is a reason why this is the road least traveled back to Daikon. We will need everyone is top shape if they want to make it back home.



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