Journal Entry:Day 301 “I was so wrong”

Hydra|Day Zero| Jacob Pelley

Day 301 “I was so wrong”


I got you with that title I bet. The honey was just fine. It was difficult to get the lid off though. Almost had to smash it open. I did not want it to come to that. That would have been so messy and Lily would have made me clean the whole shelter. From top to button just like Mom would have. Lt. Gale was upset with me and told me that I will be the test subject. If in a few day if am okay she will clear it safe to eat. Which means more honey for me. Which I might have made a mistake on eating it.


Our friends the ghouls have still not showed up, but I am willing to bet it will take a few more days if they are. It was only three of them though it could mean The charred are close by. Those would be a threat. I could go the rest of my life with never seeing one of those things again. If the cascade failure killed off all the Crypt Wisp to that would be great to. Ghouls having made it means that is unlikely it killed of the other monsters. I wonder if people way up north or south have different monsters that us?


It was hard to get Colonel Rives suited up to go outside. His leg is still healing. He can’t put much weight on it. Lt. Gale went with us to help Colonel Rives get around. The plan is for him to look at the lines from the radio tower to get something working. It would be nice to talk to my family. Even to talk to anyone would be great. Beth and Ronin stayed on door duty while everyone else had jobs outside to do.My job was to be another cruch for Colonel Rives and his gopher. You know go for this and go for that. Lily and Will went to go work on the suv and totally not  make out in the garage. Which David and his girlfriends did from time to time. You should have seen how red his face was when Mom caught him one time. Moms not here this time.


Once we got to the radio tower it did not take Colonel Rives to start ordering me around Get me tools, tape and all other manner of things he would say. He must have made me climb up the tower at least a dozen times. Wire cap and duct type almost the whole thing. Then he found some more part for me to patch together then it was time to go back inside. I had aches on parts that I didn’t think could get aches. Then I had to help him back inside. While  we were all back inside I got to ask Lily about that bruises on her neck. Everyone knew what it was and boy did she turn red. Then punched Will in the arm and told him off. We all had a good laughing at them while deconning. Which by the way our decon supplies are running low.


Back inside we all huddled around the radio to see if anything worked. At first nothing then it came to life.  Finally made contact with Daikon. Fremont was running the radio. Which he informed us on what happened to the camp after the cascade. Also only a few people from Canson made it back. Which means coming back home was the right choice. Colonel Rives and Fremont talked for a long time. I didn’t get to listen to the whole talk. Everyone else had to take turns on the bike to keep things powered up. Did not want to risk us losing power and not being able to talk to them again. My whole body will be sore tomorrow for sure.


After the cascade failure Daikon was hit almost as hard as Canson. Not from the explosion, but from monsters. A huge wave of Ghouls, Charred, Crypt Wisp and borrowing beast attacked. The Borrowing beast killed 3 people. Which is a lot, but could have been so much more. They have been planning for the Crypt Wisp since the trip to the final shelter up north. The wisp were not ready for that. Fremont joked that the wisp where wiped out before they even got one goat. Which they are lucky that  Mr.Meza did not engage them in melee. Daikon is still seeing small attacks on a daily bases and no can leave safely yet. Mostly one or two charred a day and ghouls. Just yesterday they finally killed off the last borrowing beast hiding in the fields. All this was nothing compared to what the soldiers on the road ran into.


Finally they talked about we are on our own getting back to Daikon. Everyone that can defend Daikon is doing so. To even send a small detachment out could mean death for them out in the open. That last statement sucked all the air from the room. Looking around the shelter you can see the despair in everyone eyes. Which means we will have a hard decision in the near future on what the plan is. I do no envy the burden of command here. Near the end of the night Colonel Rives and Fremont talked about getting in contact with our families tomorrow. Then signed off as we could only take so many turns on the bike. My legs feel like jello. Another thing we have to do is find a better way of powering everything. A task for another day.




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