Journal Entry: Day 300 “Wasteland looting”

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Day 300 “Wasteland Looting”


Ronin seems to be fully recovered, but Colonel Rives needs more time. Lt. Gale has taken to staying outside longer and longer each day. It is better than waking up one morning and have her missing. She has been reporting something walking around in the forest line. Nothing we can do about it until whatever it is comes out. It could just be wildlife, but you never know. The last thing we want to do is alert everything that we are here. Nothing says that like gun fire. A bullet from a rifle can be heard almost 3 miles away. Still it would be nice to get all the monsters taken care of before he start to head out.


Lily, Will and I went to the neighbors land to see if we could find any useable supplies. The neighbors by the way are not close. That would have been a long walk had we not used bikes. The weather has start to warm up  and all the snow has melted to the side of the road. Clearing out a path for us. Ash has stopped falling a few days ago and we got another storm that cleared the air out after that. The sky still looks wounded. With those long purple streaks. If monster did that I do not want to run into it.


Now I know what you are thinking that it was not smart to be so far away from the shelter.  The thing is our Suv does not even have enough fuel to leave the driveway. To get back to Daikon safely is make it to the halfway point. The first house we got to was a bust for fuel. We did find a better bike for Will. He had been using Courtneys old bike. When I mean old I mean the bike she used when she was 6. So a big upgrade for him. It would be nice to take the bikes with us, but once we get into the mountains they will be more of a bother than boon. We pressed on to the next house.


It was past mid day by the time we made it down the road to another house. It was far back off the road. Which is the style out here. The house was a little bit more than a pile of wood, screws and ash. We found two cars both had seen better days. The first car was caked in ash. There was less than a gallon gas still left in its tank. It looked more like water than gas so was unuseable. The second car an old faded minivan was a hit. Lily was able to fill both our of large gas cans and even the small emergency one to. There was no way for us to get the van going otherwise we would have just driven it back home. Inside the engine block rats and other animals had made it into its home. Using all the electrical wire of the van to do it.


While Lily and Will were working on getting the tanks full I walked around. To see if I could find any other useable goods. I was in a surreal walking on a home that once belonged to a family. They didn’t make it out in time. Most of the family’s out here are preppers or at least homesteaders. They should have planned for this. I think this family was last name was Jackson. Mom took me out here a few times to get honey. With no flowers the hive boxes I found were empty. Though I found some bottles of honey in a makeshift lean to. Honey almost never goes bad so a nice find. Oh how I missed sugar. All of the other bottles I found were broken with animal tracks all over the place. It was best the we moved on from here soon.


As we headed back to the shelter Will spotted some people off in the distance. At first he was going to flag them down until Lily almost tackled him. Once I saw them too I had my scope out. To make sure what I already knew. More ghouls Only 3 of them. Heading slowly towards our direction. They were heading towards us from the opposite direction back home. Giving us two options to deal with them. One we could have just taken them out no problem with in melee. Second just head back home and wait to see if they followed us. It is a few miles back, so chances are they were not tracking us. Just some roamers traveling a familiar road. Lily went with the second options. With us stopping  at the halfway point home to wait and see.


Half way back home we waited for a hour and nothing followed. Just to be sure we each had a small scent killer sprayed to make it hard for them  to track by smell. The bike track will give us away though. Also it means the next couple of days we are going to have to keep a close watch for more.  Switch to las weapons over bullets as they are quieter during the day. If they attack at night we have one silenced pistols back home we could use. Then again if they can break the shelter door down we have other problems than being too quiet.


It was dusk when we finally made it back into the shelter. This time we took a longer decon shower. Colonel Rives was still working on getting the radio to work. Beth had been working on the blanket some more. She is getting so good at it that I think she has a gift for it. Which sort of upsets me a little. Will and Ronin had done a deep clean of the place. Lt. Gale was working on a list of our supplies. Everyone was doing their part somehow. Everyone was excited to see the honey when I brought it out. Lt. Gale had to make sure it was safe first. Which doesn’t she know that honey last forever if you store it right. I did find it  in a less than ideal place, but it was probably out of direct sunlight this whole time. Better safe than sorry I guess.


Tonight we had no uninvited guest. It might take the ghouls a few days to make it to us. They don’t walk fast and we are more than a few miles away. Tomorrow Colonel Rives is going to take a look at the radio tower. To see if he can do anything to boost the signal. Maybe fix my patch job or improve on it. My pride might be hurt if that was the case. I would rather have a wounded pride and a working radio then be right. Now to sneak some of this honey I found. I bet it is just fine.



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