Journal Entry: Day 290 “Only static”

Hydra|Day Zero|Jacob Pelley

Day 290 “Only static”

Still nothing over the radio and it is starting to get to all of us. If we can not get in touch will Daikon the trip back to camp will be so much more difficult. It would be great to have the support or at least a meet up point with a team. Maybe some of the military personnel from Canson have made it to camp by now. To let them know where we are. To think I could have been back with the rest of my family by now if I joined that team. Was coming back to our old shelter a mistake? Ronin would not have made the walk back. That is for sure. Someone would have carried Colonel Rives back on a stretcher. Also guided Will until his eyes opened back up. Maybe it was wrong to come back here. My head keeps telling me it was wrong to come back, but my gut says it was the right call.

During our sewing time I brought it up to the group. Was it wrong for us to come back here. I felt guilty almost instantly once Ronin spoke up. He said that if it had not been for him we could all be back in Daikon. You could see it in everyone’s faces that he was not wrong about it. Colonel Rives took a break from working on the radio to chime in. He said that there was no way of knowing what was on the road back to Daikon. That transporting the injured to a save location while the others made there way back to camp was a better option. The way Canson looked after the last cascade event this was the closest safest place to be. Then he used all those year of command knowledge to put my mind to ease.

I would have loved to write down all what Colonels Rives said, but that would have taken too much paper. We talked for a time after that. Long into the night about what we might find on the road back. How we are going to find enough fuel to get there. Also what if we have to walk all the way back how would be do it. Which Everyone, but Lily was surprised when I went to the gun safe and pulled out the walking map on how to do it. While I was showing everyone the map the radio came to life. We all ran over to listen, but only static came in. It is looking more and more like we are going to have to make the trip back to Daikon alone. At least I am getting used to seeing real life nightmares walking around now.

Before bed the Radio came back on. Just more static but I thought I recognized the voice. Sometimes though when you want something bad enough your head will trick you into getting it. We have to get this thing working. I don’t want us to be the only real survivors of this. If we are at least Beth is with me. Though I feel awful for Lt. Gale if that is the case. We have all lost enough family this year.


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