Journal Entry: 287 “Trapped in a box”

Hydra|Day Zero| Deep Dream

Day 287 “Trapped in a box”

It has been a week and still no luck with the radio. The thought was thrown out there that maybe Daikon was destroyed. Or  maybe our radio is working and the one in Daikon might be broken. Which would mean until the survivors of Canson get into camp no one else knows where we are.  On the plus side we are going to be here for a bit longer anyways. Though I don’t know if Ronin, Colonel Rives, Lt. Gale, Will or Beth are ready for the life underground. Being stuck in a small cramp space is something you have to be trained to get used to. Will and Beth have already done it before, but the others I doubt.

Live underground still continues even if we are alone. Ronin is still sleeping a lot for now until his injuries are healed. Will has been able to open both eyes which is a good sign. He still have a bunch of ugly wounds all over his head. Luckily for him Lily is not picky when it comes to scars. She has her own fair share. Those two are perfect for each other. No problem with shelter shock with those two. They are officially a couple once again. Beth and Colonel Rives are keeping busy with work. Colonel Rives is working on getting the radio  still and Beth Sewing. She is so much better at it than I was when I first started. There is only 1 person I am worried about and that is Lt. Gale. She has that shelter shock look in her eye.

Now you may be asking yourself what is shelter shock? I don’t know the official name for it, but Courtney came up with the name . Imagine being stuck in a box underground for a long period of time. with no windows, no sounds and only the lights are fake. Instead of losing track of time you start to become hyper aware of it. There is little entertainment in here. Most of the time it is  just you and your thoughts. Most people can’t handle that and start to go a little mad. It starts with a wild eye look, pacing and talking to yourself out loud. Then you enter phase two.

Now lets go over phase two of “Shelter Shock”. First is a consistent looking at the door to the airlock. Second is pacing, but this time always by the airlock. Third is irritability, like the smallest thing sets you off. Finally the lagung at jokes that no one told. Now there are two treatments  for this. One is going outside or finally accepting that you are stuck in here for a bit. Going outside usually makes things worse because you will want it more and more. Thankfully Lily saw the signs and gave Lt. Gale the talk about it.

We took her to the inside of the airlock to give her the talk. That way she could save some face around the others. She took it real which was. Also that she explained that she is nervous about her family. That her  husband and two kids back at Daikon. Once we get the radio working it should help calm her down. I think that I might wake up one day to the sound of the airlock being opened and her missing, but I trust her for now. After we gave her the talk it was back to as “normal” as it gets.

The rest of the day  was just trying to stay busy. Which was not too hard for Lily, Beth and I. We are working on a blanket together. I know we will not be able to take it with us once we leave, but I wouldn’t mind using it once it is completed down here. Maybe we can all take turns with it. Close to bedtime a call came into the Radio. Everyone was surrounding the area listing to the person on the other end. Colonel Rives tried to find their location so we could go help, but it was someplace farther than we could get to. Listing to the sound of their voice you can tell that they are not going to make it. That soon whatever is attacking them will get them. If only we could get a hold of Daikon maybe they could do something. Just another round of people that will soon be joining David.


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