Journal Entry: 280 “Lost loved ones remembered”

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Day 280 “Lost loved ones remembered”


The weather took a turn for the worst over the past few days. It has finally let up today. Though it is still ugly outside. The sky is full of dark purple clouds. When they parted I got a brief glimpse at the angry cracks running in the atmosphere. We left the shelter for two jobs today. First was to repair the Radio tower if we could. The second was to get the suv into the garage away from this weather. It was a small miracle that the windshield was not busted form hail. With all this rain it cleared out a lot of the snow still hanging around. Enough to find something I was not ready for. My long departed brother.


Those bone could only belong to one person David. My older brother that died when the world ended. Lily spotted them first and I followed her gaze. At first we just gathered around them. Waiting from them to move hoping it was not him. When we started moving the rubble off of them we knew. I would rather not write much more about the condition of his remains. Just that it was him and no one else. We buried him in what used to be moms garden. With a simple headstone that read “Here lies David son, brother to many. dead, but not forgotten.” If we make it back to Daikon Lily said he will be the one to tell our parents. That is the burden of command.


The rest of the day felt like a dream. I think it was shock mainly. I have seen the dead walk and ash rain from the sky. Burying your brother made the world ending  so much worse. Had I dragged my feet with him running to the shelter it could also be me in that grave. Best not to think too much about that and look to the future. Dad used to tell us stories of people that lived too much in the past. That the “what if game” never leads to a happy ending. At least according to Dad.


Work still needed to be done even after the funeral. This world does not stop for the dead anymore. Something had damaged the cables running to the radio. Mostly a squirrel or rat did it. I managed to fix it the best that I could. With the supplies inside the garage. It was ugly repaire, but had to for now. Maybe Colonel Rives could look at it in a few days. Once that was done Lily and Lt. Gale had the suv in the garage and it was time to go inside.


Even though Beth and I are on a break she tried to comfort me the best she could. Her job was Door duty to the shelter and could not help us bury David, but she watched the whole time. After that my brain shut down until bedtime. I am writing everything I care to remember about today, but wanted to make sure I remember David’s funeral. The radio can wait one more day I just want to go to bed now. At least I have some closure. Maybe the nightmares will leave me be tonight for once.



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