Journal Entry: 273 “Bad dreams and Sewing circles”

Hydra|Deep Dream|Day Zero

Day 273


It is strange that I used to have bad dreams in this bunker. Some about Will and Beth being a pile of bones before the Robinsons came to save them. Now both of them are here. In a sewing circle talking about the world before the fire fell from the sky. Will is bad at it and Lily has been coaching him. His right eye is still swollen shut, but his left is open. He is doing a lot better with the pain meds we have in  here. There was a whole bottle of anti inflammatories and all sort of other things. Probably why Ronin and Colonel Rives are still passed out. Finally having borken that pain cycle thier bodys can get some needed rest.

Lily and I  geared up and went outside to check on the solar panels during the storm. We did not stay long it was really coming down. The rain was not bad then it started to hail. Not just a little bit, but big chunks of jagged ice balls. It was bad enough that we had to lower the panels back into their protective housing just to be safe. Which means bike time for all us if we want the radio to be up and running with the air purifiers on.  While outside I thought I saw something in the tree line, but could have been my imagination playing tricks on me. Still another reason it was another reason hurry back inside. Once inside we only did a light decontaminant. After spending days driving outside whatever was going to kill us would have already. At least we would start showing signs of something.


Everyone but Ronin and Colonel Rives spent time on the bike. Even Lt. Gale joined in. She took an extra turn, so Ronin would relax about it. He is upset that he is a dead weight right now, but I assured him that he will get a turn. Once he is better that is.  It could take up to two months for him to fully heal though. He will need that rest for once we leave here. Could get bad fast traveling the Gonzales route. Better for him to have both lungs working than being Charred food. Hopefully we don’t have to think about that for a few more weeks. Instead it is time to recover and relax a bit until then.


Tomorrow if the storm lets up Lily and I will be heading out again. Beth and Lt. Gale will be our  back up. Lt. Gale is not happy about having to hold a gun, but she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. The Radio is still not working right, so we are going to look at the antenna to see if there is anything we can do it boost the signal. Also to clear out the grage to make room for the suv and look for more supplies. Better to be over prepared than under once we drive back to camp. Plus there is a floor safe in the garage so I can replace my las pistol I lost. I will sleep better having that close by.


After fighting swarms of monsters and almost getting my hand bitten off going outside again doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. I am a little worried about the borrowing beast showing up, but what can you do about it. There must be a way to see if they are close by somehow. Also I wonder if there are any Crypt Wisp in the area. Okay thinking about it more I am starting to get anxious about it. Let hope none of them shows up. It is my turn for the bike catch back up with you soon.



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