Journal Entry: 272 “A warm shower”

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Day 272

We almost missed the our house. Snow, ash and overgrowth changed the landscape a lot. Plus not having a home to look at made it easy to pass. During our last rest stop no monsters stopped to say hi. It didn’t make the trip anyless eeri. No other cars on the road, no sound of animals, and no lights around us. Only the sound of our car as we drove.  The radio playing static if anything at all. It is like the world has gone back 1000 years. Which being the only thing on the road makes it a lot easier for things to track us.

Nature was doing its best to reclaim our old burned down house and snow covered the entrance to the shelter below.  Lily got power back online while Beth and Lt. Gale dug out the door. I went to the old garage to find some part to replace the radio and get it up and running below. Ronin was my spotter encase I needed to run back to the car in a hurry. Which no charred showed up to attack us this time. Though I did get the scare of my life time in the garage. That one horned deer jumped out at me right when I opened the door. Almost needed a change of clothes after that. On side note I am glad he has made it through this year to. Even if he nearly made me wet myself. Also deer is quite tasty if ration start running low.

When we left the shelter last time we could not take everything with us. Food should not be a issue while we wait it out here. Security and making it back to Daikon will be the main issue. The suv was almost empty by the time we got here. There should be enough gas from broken down cars on the road to make it back. That is if the gas in those car has not gone bad. At least we made it here mostly enacted. Night was approaching fast by the time everything was ready inside. With the sun still blocked with all these clouds it was getting cold fast. Another storm was on its way. Could be the last storm of the season. With all that ash though could make things ulgy.

For once I have great news. I got a warm shower after the lanes where bleed of air. The well still works and we have amazing water pressure. It felt like I washed away a lifetime of dirt, blood and time down the drain. Plus there is still sewing materials down here. I never thought I would be so happy to knit, crochet  or sow. All those colors and so soft I am going to make a beene tonight. Maybe start a blanket I think one that mom started is still down here. Let’s hope courtney doesn’t find my journal again. She must be worried about me I hope that she is okay. Mom, Dad, Courtney and Brooke I hope that they got to safety in time. Knowing Mom and Dad I am sure they did.

After my  shower it was time to work on getting everything maintained and ready for the long hall back underground. Things like change the filters in the air purifiers, put water in the batteries and take stock of our rations. Which we have more than enough to see us through. After the couple of weeks I for one am happy with living the rest of my life in here. Hot water is something I didn’t know I missed this much. Dinner was cooked for once and tasted like old times. We even had cookies it has been almost a year since I had real bad for you sugar like this. We feast like kings and queens. A familiar bed and clean cloths what more can you ask for?

Colonel Rives and I worked on getting the Radio up and running after Dinner. Turns out he used to work in Communication as an enlisted soldier. The Radio takes up a lot of power. The sooner we make contact with Daikon the better. There are still people walking from Canson to them. Maybe if we can contact Dad or Fremont they can send some transport or any help. When the road clearing team set out to make the road safe they put in some bikes and other foot powered transports out along the way. Still it is not easy to ride a bike up and down hills all day long. Better than nothing I guess. Also all that heavy breathing in Mopp gear will make you claustrophobic. It took a while but we got some radio traffic near the end of the night.

The storm coming in it is causing a lot of static I think, but we did get some broken radio chatter. More of that Cascade failure seek shelter broadcast and nothing else. At least we know the radio works. Once and if we make contact with Daikon we can plan the mission back to them. Maybe they will send one of the helicopters to pick us up. Which wouldn’t that be grand. Just a short ride back home instead of a dangerous  trip driving to them. I doubt they would do that though. After a while we had to turn the radio off. The battery’s down here will get drained without solar charging them back up. There is an alternative way to power them up and that is a exercise bike. Which only a few of us can us it right now. Best to wait and try again in a few hours.


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