Journal Entry: 269 “Wishful thinking”

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Day 269

It would have been wishful thinking that the monster would all be hiding to. At least it was only a small group of ghouls that founds. You know nothing to big maybe 20 or 30 of those rotten shambaling maybe ex human corpse. I saw them in the early morning before my watched ended. At first I thought it was other survivors. The ash was still running down, so easy mistake. Once they came closer I saw  one of missing a arm and the other part of its torso. It was clear that we were in trouble.

Lily, Beth, Lt Gale and I are the only ones that can shoot. Will still has his eyes swollen shut. Ronin can’t stand up for long without lose his breath from his chest wound. Colonel Rives can fire his sidearm…with his off hand. Bullets are at a premium and hand to hand with that many ghouls was too risky. We waited for each shoot to count. It was nerve racking to let them get close enough for a sure shoot, but again Bullets are limited. Once the last one was dealt with it was time to get back on the road. Ronin will just have to figure it out.

We had to take a seat out, so we could prop Ronin in the back. Lt. Gale said that he should be safe to move, but will have to go without the gas mask. Will took his off to and opted for a particulate mask. That should help bring the swelling down. His mask was causing more edema. He also put on a particulate mask. It does not offer the same protection, but what can we do at this point. My own mask keeps rubbing my head wound open causing it to scab over then bleed again. Most of my hair is now matted to it and smell awful. Only a little longer till we make it home. We are only going to stop to refuel. Then make the final leg back home. It will be nice to sleep in my old bunker bed again. Also to get a shower maybe.

The plan once we get back to the shelter is simple. Let Ronin, Will and Colonel Rives heal up them we head out. Back at home it should be safe baring the borrowing beast have gone. Once everyone is healed up we will be taking the same path back to Daikon that the Gonzales did. Most of  the monsters on that path followed everyone back to Daikon, so it should be mostly cleared. Plus from Dad’s story on what happened with the radios we know where the dead spots are. Now we only have to make it back home.


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