Journal Entry: 267 ““Like letting air out of a tire”

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Day 267 “Like letting air out of a tire”


We had to stop for the night to treat our injured. During the night one of Ronin lungs collapsed. Scary sight to be stuck in a car with someone gasping for air. I was driving at the time and almost wrecked the car trying to find a place to pull over. I parked under a old Rv carport next to a burned out house. Not the best place to stop, but better than no coverage at all. Ash is still falling and the air is hot and stings to breathe without a mask. So the Rv port had to do while Lt. Gale worked on making Ronin not die.


Ronin had a collapsed lung, but the medic was able to save him. By stabbing him with a needle right into his chest. Not a small one either it was like a sewing needle. Right when she did it was like magic how much Ronin improved. It made a sound just like letting air out of a over inflated tire. She said he will have to keep that needle in to help inflate his lung, but he has to hold still for a little bit. Which means we are stuck here for a bit.


The carport is one of those more fancier ones. It has three solid metal walls and a thick vinyl curtain in the front. Now most of the curtain was melted, but at least half of it was still intact. Better than having a huge opening and no cover right? After Ronin was laid down in the back of the suv Lt. Gale looked over Colonel Rives and Will. The Colonels left leg looked bad. I don’t think he will walk right ever again. His arm on the other hand was just a normal run of the mill radial break maybe? Hard to tell with no x-rays. Wills wounds gave him a chance to bound with Lily more.


Will head looked like some that went a few rounds in MMA and the ref did not stop it. His whole head was swollen with both eye shut. Also a nice gash that is on the opposite side of where Lilys is. Once he heals up they will make a great couple with matching scars. If we see this to the end that is. At least for once Lily didn’t get hurt, so that is a plus. While Lt. Gale worked on the sick Lily, Beth and I worked on the car.


One of the tires has a slow air leak that needed patching. The radiators needs work and the back passenger side door doesn’t close all the way.  We have been keeping it closed with a bungee cord wrapped around a seat inside. Oh and the air filter needs to be changed. Who knew raining ash was so bad fo it? That package said good for 6 months. I would file a complaint with the company if it wasn’t a pile of ruins somewhere. Though I bet if phones did work I would still be placed on a 2 hour hold.


Once the maintenance on the suv was done it was time to pick the burned down house. After almost a year of rain, snow, ash and doomsday spoiled what food was inside or the local wildlife had picked it clean. A round the back of the RV port there was a utility shed that had some useful tools inside. Some tubing, a portable tool kit and a crank powered led lantern. Luck was with us here on those finds. Tonight will be a new moon so some light is better than no light. Then again light even a little in the darkness can be seen for miles away.  A all you can eat sign for all those hungry monster out here.


Lt. Gale said that in the morning it should be safe to travel again with Ronin. We don’t have much of a choice either way. Staying put out in the open like this is not safe. The sooner we make it back home the better. I hate to write this, but we don’t live in a world where no man left behind is a reality. Ronin knows this fact you can see it in his eyes. He will make it I know he will. At least I hope he will and in this world we live in now hope is all you got. Time to go with only three people to stand watch it is my turn to stand  in the darkness alone. As I stare into the void tonight I hope nothing stares back.



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