Journal Entry: 266 “Country roads”

Day Zero|Deep Dream| Jacob Pelley

Day 266 “Country roads”

The main road back to Daikon is blocked. A landslide of mud, snow, and trees covered the road. Which means if we wanted to go the quickest path It will be on foot. We have injured and they will not make it, so are heading home. Where our journey first started. Some of our forces have opted to make the trip back on foot though. I do not envy those people hiking through the forest. Most of that trip  will be spent in Rad suits and masks. Which if you ever spent a long time in a gas mask it is not fun. Let alone trying to sleep in one. Don’t get me wrong we will be spending at least a few days in MOPP gear too. These Suv don’t have air filters and breathing in this air could be risky. With my head wound These mask hurt. Every time I adjusted it opens the wound back up.

The plan for us is to drive to the old shelters back at our house and let these people recover. Coloen Rives, Ronin, and Will all need time to recover. There is no safe place to wait this out in Canson. At least that is what I have been told. I don’t remember driving out of Canson, but Lily said it was bad enough that we had to move. The roads back home should for the most part unchanged. Hard to make ash into more ash. Lily driving on the other hand will should…be interesting. She or I are the only ones able to it which means I will be driving a leg of this trip to. Beth has never driven before and Will looks like a mummy with his head wrapped up. Ronin might not make the trip and Colonel Rives has a broken arm and leg. The only other person is the medic that came with us. She has her hands busy.

I am starting to get used to being in cramped safe, hot spaces. At least it beats being dead I guess. It did not take long to make it to the fork in the road leading to Daikon or our old home. We do not have the gas to make it to Daikon nor know what the road looks like heading that way. The road home is the safest route. We will be driving nonstop there. As long as it  is clear we travel. There are some spots that things could get spotty. The horned Charred that ripped a hole in the Beast are here. We dealt them last time, but this time we will be out gunned even if two show up. For once let luck be on our side. Now time to try to get some sleep if my stomach will let me. Riding with all these gear on is not help my car sickness.


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