Journal Entry: 265 “Cascade Failure”

Day 265 


The count down came and gone. Everyone was holding their collective breath as it reached zero over the radio. The robotic voice giving a play by play of the effect. After an hour everyone went back to work maintaining the shelter. I stayed inside the engineering room to managed the cables.  After the third time I tripped over a cable someone needed to do it. Segreat Cole and I were the only one inside the room when the alarm over the radio came in. Cascade Failure seeking immediate shelter. Sergeant Cole ran out of the room to go get Colonel Rives leaving me alone.


It did not take long for Us to find out what a Cascade failure was. The world turned upside down. When I awoke I was up buried under all sort of gear in the dark. My head was wet from a large cut to my scalp. All the power had been cut and only the emergency lights were on. A fire had started somewhere and everyone was screaming. I was alone in room most likely forgotten the only person that was going to save me was me.  I had to get free to help others.


I was able to free myself quickly, but was a little dizzy from the head wound. Might have gotten a little concussion. My injuries had to wait people needed to be saved.  It did not take long to find a person in need. A large chunk of concert had fallen trapping Colonel Rives and Sergeant Cole. I was able to free Colonel Rives, but Sergeant Cole was dead. There was another series of quakes which shook the shelter a part more. Colonel Rives was injured bad. Just looking I could tell he had a broken leg and arm. I had to carry him out. My memory gets fuzzy after that.


The next thing I remember is the fire everywhere outside. The airport was in ruins. The main street of Canson  destroyed. There is nothing left for us here. I can’t remember what happened next. My memory is just a jumbled mass of half pictures. When everything started to make since again I was in a truck bed leaving Canson. The sky was red and cracked like when we first left our shelter back at home. I think Lily was driving and heading the wrong way to get back to Daikon. Where are we going?


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