Journal Entry: 263 “Beginning of the End”

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Day  263 


Everyone has a job to do mine is simple. Work on the new cars that are being brought to the airport. Mainly running treage on the car. If the damage is too bad we red ticket it and move on to the next one. Now why would anyone bring a broken down car in to be fixed up? For parts to be used on the ones that do work. To make them  as the head auto mechanic called it rat rods. We are up to five fully working Vans, Trucks and Suvs. One of the Suvs was in almost perfect condition expect for the replacement driver side door. Which was Frankenstein back in.


Later in the day Colonel called for meeting. Everyone even the few recon teams in the field were called back. For the past few hours the radio have been broadcasting secondary cascade effect immindite. For the past 8 months there has been that automated broadcast cascade failure and now there is about another. Why would anyone want to try that again? Making monsters and fire rain from the sky wasn’t enough the first time I guess. All this means we have to spend some time in the bunker under the airport. I was not looking forward to that.


This bunker is small, smelling and full of people. You would think Fremont would have built it better.  The engineering team has been busy running power, water and getting the radio to work in here. As the head gopher of that team my legs are beyond sore tonight. I have never ran that much cable in my life.  At least the engineering room has AC unlike most of the other rooms that have to make due with a fan. The Air recirculation needed the most work, but it was the top priority to get working. Lily, Will, Ronin and Beth have been on moving supply duty.  I think I got off easy. At least that is how Lily says it.


It wasn’t until later tonight that we got the radio working in here. Just in time to hear the count down. A strange automated voice updating every few minutes. The cascade effect will begin in 6 hours. General Mayfrys team should made it to Daikon by now. Even if this effect is nothing better for all those people to be off the road. It is exciting to finally see what this going to. Maybe this cascade effect didn’t cause the end of the world. We are finally going to find out. Now all we have to do it wait.



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