Journal Entry: 260 “Ash tree caskets”

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Day 260 


Colonel Rives had us go back to Ash Tree today to block most of  the roads leadings out. The Suburbs of Canson has couple roads leading in and out. Which was easy to do with all those broken down cars in the area. The plan is  to leave one road open for the scavenger teams. That should make keeping the Ghouls or Charred in the area manageable. Crypt Wisp on the other hand can just scale walls, but leaving them with an open road to take can make it easier to spot them.  A small team will monitor the open road and take out any monster coming out.


The Crypt Wisp will need to be taken out before any other monster if we want to secure Canson. That means getting a hold of more heat scopes are a must. As they are the only reliable way to spot them. Once General Mayfry returns they plan on sending a small team back to the military base that Colonel Rives came from to get more.  Our squad will not be part of that team. Too many things can go wrong, so only the most seasoned veterans will be going.


The whole point of coming to Canson was to secure main street, but just like back at Daikon something always comes up. Until we have a effective way of dealing with the ghouls, charred and wisp Canson will never  be safe. The sooner we get the monsters under control the better for all those people making there way to us. Now I have to get back to fixing up that SUV from yesterday. Stilling idle in all that weather means it needs some TLC. Maybe some will teach me to drive it that would be cool.




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