Journal Entry: 259 “ The Suburbs has new tenants””

Hydra|Day Zero|Jacob Pelley

Day 258 


Half of our forces left to take the civilians to Daikon this mornings. They took all but one humvee and a lot of resources. Once they left it felt like we were on a desert island. Back up is a days away and dangers lurks all around us.. While the General is away we are tasked to find replacement transport incase we need it. Which means some of us are going to the suburbs to find working vehicles. You will never guess whos team got assigned to that task.


Gravid Clouds adorn the gloaming sky as we entered the walled suburbs of Canson. A grey slurry of snow and ash covered the ground. The once proud copper plaque welcoming you to the Ash Tree community lay in ruins. Large tracts of the cookie cutter homes have been burnt to the ground. The recon team had a spot already picked to be scavenge, so this will quick trip. We are a small ten man squad. The plan is to find a working car, fuel and some food we can bring back. Also avoid a conflict with monsters at all cost. Firing a gun here would be like shooting single flares on a moonless night.


The Recon team lead us down a small cul de sac. Only four of the houses of the 8 still stood. A suv buried in the driveway of a peach colored house was our target. We broke up into two teams. Our 5 man squad was to find the keys for the suv plus  any ration we could take from inside the house. The recon team was next door at a cyan colored mansionette I think they call it. Their target is a work van and truck.


The contents of the peach house where something I would rather not go into. We ran into the owners and three more ghouls we will no longer have to worry about. The kid size ghoul is going to stick with me for a long time. Then again if I make it to old age this past year I am sure I will never forget. Once we found the keys to the SUV and raided what useable supplies it was time to dig out car. The snow and ash this year had it entombed.


It did not take long for us to free the suv from its prison. Now getting it started was another task. A car battery that sits idle too long will discharge usually after 2 years if it is newish. This battery was not newish at all. The recon team was still busy with loading the van and truck. So we went looking for a workable battery. The cul de sac we were on was safe. It was two blocks over when we noticed just how dangerous these area still is.


While searching the suburb for a useable battery  Will found a hobbyist house. Someone that collected every sorts of old car especially what we needed a brand new car batteries. I was playing with the scope dad gave me and saw it. The shimmer of Crypt Wisp and not just a few of them. Had it not been midday we would probably be dead. Even with the clouds it was still sunny out. If the Wisp are here, so must be the Charred and all sorts of monsters. I told Lily about what I say and she had us move back to the recon team. Ronin carried the gear back  while Lily and I acted as spotters. Will and Beth had their guns ready to fire if trouble started to move close. Thankfully they did not need to. firing a gun then would draw every monster that can walk under the sun to us.


As we walked back I saw all sort of monster watching us. Waiting for the sun to go away to get us. There was also a fair share of ghoul peeking from behind window inside homes that they were trapped in. Once we got back The recon team was done loading up. They saw us in our fournation and knew it was time to leave. It only took one battery to get all the cars up and running. Then back to the relative safety of the airport. Today could have gone wrong quickly, but at least we are safe for now.



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