Journal Entry: 258 “Beth sort of breaks up with me”

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Day 258 


Well this day could have gone better. I think the title say it all. Beth wants to take a break until we are safe back in Daikon. I don’t blame her for it and we will still be friends, but why does it sting so much. Just thinking about it is upsetting I sort of join the military to be close to her. More reason to hurry up and secure Canson, so I can get back to making out with her. Thinking about it are my priorities messed up? There are people dieing to get to Canson and all I can think about it making out.


I am not the only one that had their relationship go on break either. Lily and Will are taking a time out to. Again it makes sense Lily is the CO of our squad making it hard for her to be an effective leader. Once our assignment is over though they will be getting back together. I hope so at least. Not a lot of single people for us to choose from even if it is splitsville. I could make a sign when we get back to Daikon. Single male teenager looking for single female teenager to enjoy the end of the world with.


We still went on our now “just friends” date night. Lunch was a MRE one of the good ones that I had stashed away. Then we headed to watch the sound of music. Which was a welcome movie to take everyone’s minds off all the death outside. Then it was rack out time. With half our forces leaving on a week trip back to Daikon things are going to be intense if another attack like the one a week ago happens. Most of the vehicles will be leaving to, so if we have to escape from Canson it will be on foot or to the last man in the airport. I hope it does not come to the last man part.



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