Journal Entry: 257 “The trouble with main street”

Hydra|Daniela Ark|Day Zero|Journal Entry

Day 257

The clean up has taken forever. Burying all those ghouls took up a lot of time. Even with a backhoe it just was a lot of busy work. We could have just piled them all up and burned them, but nothing say hey monsters look at us like a huge fire. At least we should be done with the major monster forces hiding out in the suburbs for a bit. Which will make scavenging for food a safer task. Yesterday a small team was sent out to do some more recon of the area. They should be back tomorrow soon with a full report. I hope it is like yep all monsters dead proceed with the phase 2.


With most of the monsters attacking us directly Main street was all but emptied out. We did a small swipe of the area to find Crypt Wisp and did not find any. There a few pockets of ghouls hiding out. Most likely the last remnants from the attack. Without the Charred to direct them they are just mindless monsters. Taking back the city should be a simple. Our main focus has changed though from securing Main street to getting these civilians to Daikon. It is not safe at all for them here. Most of these people can barely stand from malnutrition let alone fight. There are few other survivors due to land here in Canson sometime soon as well. After that  a big bulk of our forces will be heading back to Daikon to despot the non military personal.


Beth has been doing better with her sprained ankle. It was just a minor one so she is already back to active duty. We have not had a lot of alone time lately due to all the work that has to be done. Also nothing says let’s go make out like digging graves for blown apart ghouls. At least we get to spend some time while on grave detail just as good I guess. Tomorrow night everyone in our squad will get the night off, so I am looking forward to taking Beth out on a date. You know romantic stuff like a tour of the mess hall then a movie in the sports bar. They are playing the sound of music. Should be good times for once.



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