Journal Entry: 250 “Ghouls on Parade”

Hydra|Deep Dream|Jacob Pelley

Day 250 “Ghouls on Parade”


We are pinned down inside the Airport. Today should have started the assault on main street until everything that was hiding in the suburbs came marching down main street. Hundreds maybe even thousands of ghouls lining the road. Marching down the road like a Halloween parade. The Charred also making up the ranks with a few Crypt Wisp on the sides. You can make out the Crypts from the way the light is distorted around them. Thankfully the higher ups had the foresight to block the roads leading into the airport into choke points. Otherwise we would have been overran a lot sooner.


Fire lines where setup and everyone went to work keeping the civinals safe. Unfortunately ghouls don’t stop from most shots to the chest and just kept walking forward. We had a few claymores set around, but all they did was throw some bodies down and make room for others to march past. Everyone was so focused on the front of the airport that we got  flanked from the airfield and that almost finished us off. From what I was told more than 200 ghouls and a dozen Charred made it to the back of the building at first. Injury some of the engineering crew working on the planes.


Everyone in Canson must have been turned into a Ghoul. They just kept coming all day and night. During the battle my Las pistol sort of explode. Lily saw the malfunction and kicked it out of my hand. While it was airborn it shot out blue and purple fire then pop it was gone. Had it not been for her I would have been covered in third degree burns. Another save for Lily. After a while the fallen ghouls corps piled into large hills. Giving the monsters cover to hide behind. They encircled us once the hill started pile up all around. A few of the Crypt Wisp managed to make it inside killing 5 people before they were brought down. Not a way I want to go being attacked by those things or any monster in fact.


Our group was rotated to inside once the monsters made it in. A couple of the civilians got hurt during the crossfire, so we had to change from firearms to close range combat. Interesting fact before the vietnam war friendly fire  was in the top three reason you got shot in both world wars. Colonel was the first to yell out affix bayonets then he charged in. Lily, Ronin I where on point while Beth and Will stayed back to clear out civilians. Drawing my Drake blade and charging in with the rest. The blade made quick work of everything. Like a hot knife through butter. It even managed to burn huge holes in my pant and shirt without me noticing until the fighting stopped. I guess there is a reason why it is banned.


Once the attackers in the airport where defeated and it was not long until the main street monsters fell to. In total 15 people lost their lives today. More than half our forces walked away with some time of injury, but at least we won the day once again.


Looking at outside there was 4 small hills made from the bodies of fallen ghouls. More than a dozen charred lay lifeless on inside the building. Before the all clear was sounded every inch of the Airport was search for Crypt Wisp. Which was wise because they found a dozen of them hiding in odd spots. I think cleaning the battlefield up might actually take longer than the assault itself. Something to worry about for another day. At least my squad managed to make it out mostly intact. Beth twisted her ankle  due to a frenzied civilian. She will be okay in a few days. The doctors did not give her anything for pain so I snuck her a few of my meds that I still had. That put her right out and she has been sleeping for a bit now. The higher ups said that we should expect another attack like this soon. I think all the missing people were accounted for in Cason where do they expect more monsters to come from? At least this should make clearing out Main Street a little easier right? 



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