Journal Entry: 247 “Aluminum overcast”

Hydra|deep dream| Day Zero

Day 248 


The general made safely  to Canson. He is now command of the operations. It was late in the day when his convoy finally made landed. Before his arrival Colonel Rives had us clean everything. At one point he made us wash the walls. At least the smell is mostly gone. It was starting to get a little too rank even for the most season servicemen.  You will never guess who got stuck on laundry duty. That is right my squad. Not how I planned on serving, but every job is important. While working on my fifth load of socks the call came in over the speaker the convoy is here.


There was no color guard to greet the General once he landed. Only a mad dash to clear out his plane so the other two planes he brought with him could land. Then his plane was pushed off into its final resting place. There was no doubt that these plans have been through some hard times. From the smoke pluming from the engines and  giant holes in the haul it was a small miracle they managed to stay in the air. Generals Mayfry’s was the the worst of the bunch which is why his was the first to land. Once everyone was unloaded the engineers set to work stripping everything useful from them. Our squad was moved from laundry to help the engineering team move scrap. So now all my clean clothes will be oily once again.


General took command right away inside our makeshift HQ. Colonel Rives was still the second highest ranking offer. I didn’t get to see most of the what went on at HQ as I am part of the endangering crew. The rest of my day was spent looking over the third cargo plane and taking orders. Of all the planes that landed today plane 3 had the least amount of combat damage so it was going to be repaired and used as a rescue plane. The best part of plane 3 was that it was filled up with food. At least we are not going to starve for a bit now. Though Some of these MREs are looking a little battle worn themselfs.


It has been a long day and then night once work was done. General Mayfry gave a small speech at dinner. Then went over the state of the rest of the world outside. Some of the monsters that he talked about sounded worse than the Charred. That we might be one of the safest place in the US to be at right now. Which if we are safe I could only imagine what other hazards people faced. Being close to a hospital could be a death sentence alone. All that medical waste just sitting there will breed infection.  Finally he wrapped on the future plan for Canson and Daikon to start the rebuild of society. That helped relax some of the civilians families to hear about Daikon.. After almost a year some of these civilians look ghostly. Some with loose skin and sunken features the sooner we get these people to the safety of Daikon the better. Tomorrow we start phase 2 taking back the city from the monsters of the apocalypse. 


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