Journal Entry: 247 “ Not so cold anymore”

Deep Dream|Day Zero|The wanderer's curse

Day 247

Back before the world fall there used to celebration called groundhogs day. Someone would knock on a tree stump and pull out a  groundhog. If it saw its shadow it would be six more weeks of winter. If not spring would come six weeks early. Well seeing how Punxsutawney Phil is probably long gone I guess  the monsters our are new seasons fortune teller. The Charred woke up hungry and ready to eat whomever they could. Only a few made it out of the woods. The lookout in the control tower spoted them before they spotted us. One thing about gunfire though is that it is not quiet, so any other of these monsters looking for people to snack on know where we are now.

Once the battle was over and the airfield was cleared  we returned to our duties. Until backup arrives we are to secure the airport and hold the lines around it. General Mayfry made contact today and we be here by 1900 tomorrow. They made a small detour to rescue a some servus men and civilians.  During the evacuation the cargo plane was damaged. Everything is back in order and they will be bring with him over 50 extra hands to help hold the lines. Also more mouths to feed where is the food going to come from? I think it was Napoleon that said “An army marches on its stomach. To be effective, an army relies on good and plentiful food.”  

Tonight before lights out a small recon team came back from their mission to check out the town. It was as I fear full of monsters. Ghouls, Charred, Crypt wisp, borrowing beast and somethings we have yet to  give names to. Of all the monsters I fear the most the Crypt wisp will be the worst. How many will be hiding in the attics, basements or bathrooms? Thankfully I have nightwatch because, so I don;t worry about sleeping tonight knowing they are out there.


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