Journal Entry: 246 “ Descent into chaos”

Day Zero|Deep Dream|Flower

Day 246 


We got into Canson early in the morning. The Forward team welcomed us at the entrance into town.  They have been working hard to clear and secure the airfield to make way for people coming. Ghouls have been attacking in steady streams here. Small to larger groups of them. At one time the Town has over 10,000 people living in it. Now most of them have been turned into those walking nightmares. How is it that some got turned into monsters while others remained human? Maybe everyone has changes and we just don’t know how yet. Could have  the charred and Crypt Wisp once been human to? It would take a couple people to make one charred. That gives me the chills just thinking about how that could be.


The drive into to the airport did not take much time. Canson is a small town outside of the airport and main street the living quarters are a few miles away in a housing complex that is walled in or at least was. The airport will be our main base for the next few days while we get ready to take back the main street. The General that Colonel Rives has been communicating with should be landing here tomorrow. He will be bring with him renforments, supplies and more civilians that need to wait here until a convony can be set up to get them to Daikon. The airport has more than enough room to house all of us and the new people arriving. Food on the other hand is something that is in limited supply still. Over 200 days of no refrigeration left everything not canned or “engineer for longer shelf life to rot.


With food being the issue it leaves us with few choices on how to feed everyone. One way is to search all the housed in the tracks homes a few miles away from here. Which is riskey with all these ghouls. Daikon can only produce so much during the winter months and even spring crops take time to grow. I for see a lot of radishes, potatoes and vitamin pills in my future outside of MREs. Protein and fats will be the real problem. Go long enough without those two and you start to get crazy. I wonder if some of the farm animals around here managed to live and how would we get them to Daikon. Maybe we will set up a farm here in Canson. The watch just hit the alarm looks like we are under attack. Someone said it was the Charred. Looks like winter is coming to an end.  



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