Journal Entry: 240 “What makes the green grass grow”

Hydra|The Wanderer's Curse|Day Zero


Day 240 


The extra week of basic has molded some of the lesser troops into model soldiers. It has given Sgt. Major Miller the time he need to fix them. Plus it has given the military a chance to better organize the assault on Canson to secure it. Tomorrow all 23 of us will graduate from basic and will be headed to the front lines. We will be broken up into 4 groups of 6-5 man squads. My squad will be Lily as Co, Will as second in command, Beth, Ronin and I. Our task will be to secure building 4 of the route into Canson.


The city of Canson has been divided up into  3 sectors. The first sector is the airport and runway. Sector 2 is the main road into the Canson and to Daikon. The Sector that we will be in is Sector 3 clearing and  securing the buildings on Main Street. There are only 10 buildings on main street. Building 4 our building will is a three story office space. We are to clear it out of any monsters, secure the door into and out then set up a fire line on top of the building. Then it will be our home for the next 2 months while people start to land or drive into Canson. Each one of use are given a task to complete on top of securing it.


Once building 4 is secure we will start the process of clearing out building 5. A  small one story restaurant next to building 4. My job will be to rewire and get the solar panels to supply power to buildings 4,5 and 6. I will be working with maintaining and repair with 2 other squads. Thankfully I have the easy task. Most of my time will be just doing  busy work. Once more people start arriving building 4 and 5 will be where they will be staying. Until the transports are ready to take them to Diakon. That is the theory anyways you never know what will actually happen. At least I will be close to Lily and Beth. Next time I write it will be on the road into Canson.



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