Journal Entry: Day 220 “Affix bayonets”

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Day 220 

My everything hurts after today’s gauntlet of test.  Sgt. Major Miller did not pull any stops to make sure everyone that everyone volunteered or drafted was fit to server. The military with a group of others town folk  fixed up the old obstacle course from the summer camp for us to test on. Everything from a mud pit with barb wires run across it to a giant wooden wall for us to climb. Then there was a firing range setup. Though because bullets are at a premium right now it was bb guns. The final was a ran up and down all of Daikon today while wearing a 20 pound pack. The important part is I made the cut even missing part of my hand!


Only three people didn’t not make it today. Of those people one was too overweight to help. I think his name a Jesse he was with the group of people that was evacuated  from the military base. Even though he was overweight it looks like he lost a lot of it. His skin was lose from all weight he lost over the last 200 days. During the mud crawl his shirt got tangled in the wire they strung across the pit then his skin. We had to cut him out of it then drag him to the medic tent. That was not a pretty job, but in the military no man left behind. Once Jesse was taken care of it was back to work.

The wood wall is where the other two people dropped out. While Mr. Robinson was climbing over he fall knocking him another other guy out. The guy he fall on split his head wide open and Mr. Robinson broke his leg in two places. Another trip to medic tent and then it was to the gun range. I scored the highest ranking for marksmanship. Finally it was 5k job with packs then the test was over. Everyone that made it to the end was in. Starting tomorrow we start basic training then two weeks from now to the front line.

That night at dinner it was another one of those awkward talks with the family. Mom was both proud and mad at me. She got over it saying a young man needed a job. I don’t think I will ever understand Mom. After dinner and some games everyone helped me pack for the basic trainings. Even Lily stopped by to help. Once everyone had gone to bed  Courtney came to my room to thank me again for what I did. She was all teary eye and cried a lot saying that I have didn’t have to do it and that she would switch places with me. I told her that it is was what I wanted and got to hold it over her next time it was my turn to do laundry. She left a little later saying that she will do my turn of laundry for life! That alone  has made my decision to join the military worth it 100%.


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