Journal Entry: Day 219 “I can’t believe I said that”

Day Zero|Hydra

Day 219 


Everyone in the camp has been making fun of me most of the morning. I earned the name Cody Everdeen. Why did I have to volunteer the way I did? Even Courtney and Olivia were making fun of me. Courtney I am going to fight monsters for you and she is poking fun at me. Then it turned around later in the day. While I was out in the barn fixing the heaters for the animals a group of people started getting a little to into the joke. Dad was getting tired of it and was about to let the people have it. That is when Colonel Rives stepped in. He told off all the people for us. Said what I was doing was noble and I took the place of my sister so she didn’t have to fight in the horrors of conflict. That he didn’t see any of these people stepping up to go fight to save others. Told me it would be an honor to fight alongside me. Once the word of what happened in the barn got around all the teasing stopped.


I still don’t know if I can even take Courtney’s place yet. With me missing two fingers on my left hand I might not be fit to server. Tomorrow morning there will an assessment of all the people that joined up. If I don’t pass the test Courtney will have to take my place. Miller now Sergeant Major Miller will be running the event. Once the test is over those that pass will be placed with Lily’s and Will’s group for basic training. The plan is to give us new recruits two weeks of training then off to the front lines with us. Usually basic training in the military is 10 weeks. With the weather the way it is and people are flying into Canson situations the military just needs bodies. Something to remember most of the people that got drafted are preppers or children of preppers. Two weeks is more than enough time.


Even with my hand that way it is I am sure I will pass the test. By the time I was 6 I could already take apart and put togethers most firearms. Plus Mom is scarier than any drill sergeant out there. Most people with the injuries that I have would still be trying to recover. Thank to Mom work ethic I recovered in record time… I would have been dead otherwise. Speaking of Mom she was not to happy with how the draft came out. She was quiet when I got home from the draft and went right to bed. This morning was gone before anyone had gotten up. That night though she voice her opinion on what had happened.


Mom was cooking dinner for everyone when Dad and I got home from work. The repaire to the heating coils in the barn took a lot longer than we hoped they would. Once everyone started eating  she talked. First that she was proud that I stepped up to takes Courtney’s place. Then how stupid I was for doing it. That she has already lost one son this year and didn’t want to lose her last one. Mom started to sob when Davids name was spoken. It felt like he had died years ago. In reality  it was less than a year when it happened . She wanted me to back down and see if someone would take our place. I told her I wanted to go. That even though I was scared of the monsters out there at least I knew Courtney would be safe back in Daikon. Needless to say It was awkward until bedtime. Mom kept on checking on me once I went to me room for the night. Even now while I am writing Mom keeps coming check on me. I hope I am doing the right thing by going through with this.



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