Journal Entry: Day 218 “Katniss would be proud”

Hydra|The Wanderer's Curse|Day Zero

Day 218 

Today was the day the council announced the vote for the draft. They gave everyone in Diakon the day to decide on where they stood. Then tonight during dinner will hold the vote. If it passes the draft will immidleted be held. A no vote will result in the military having to go through without the man power. Only 25 people will be drafted to fight on the fronts. Everyone of fighting age will be added to a electronic list then drawn. The results will be put up on the main slate in the cafeteria. For each person that volunteers it reduces the people to be drafted. After the announcements everyone went to work.

The draft was all everyone could talk about. A few fights broke out over the military taking over. Work was canceled once the fighting started. As the day went on the mood in Daikon did not change. The D&D group got together once work was canceled. Everyone was worried that they would be called. Oliva started to cry and Megan joined in. We ended up all pairing off into our own groups. Beth and I broke away to talk where she had her own surprise for me. If the vote passes she is going to volunteer. She wants to be close to Will who has already joined. At first I was upset that she wanted to leave me behind here. Thinking about it though Will is the only real family she has left and wants to be close to him. I told Beth I supported her decision whatever the outcome. As the sun started to set  we head to vote.

Security had their hands full tonight. The cafeteria was packed with angry upset people. Right before Beth and I got there the military had three people in handcuffs against the wall inside. The council set up a small stages in the back of the cafeteria. People were given the chance to speak their mind  before the vote was called. On the stage was Dad, the Robinsons, Fremont and Colonel Rives all the council members. Dad looked so uncomfortable during the whole ordeal. Once everyone got their chance to speak one last speaker took the mic. Then Fremont made a small speech than asked all those that wanted to volunteer to join the military forces to make themselves known to help. At first no one stood then letting go of my Hand Beth was the first to volunteer.

She was the first to join the ranks. Only 24 to go. After that others stepped up to join her. At the end only 5 would be needed to be fill the missing roles. Fremont called for a voice vote. A simple I or nays to approve the draft. With only so few people needed The I’s won. The draft began the once loud mess hall was now quite as the five names where listed. It felt like forever until the first named appeared Mr. Robinson was the first. Then the oldest Gonzales child follow by two names I did not know. The last names appeared and everyone let out a collected sigh. Expect the last person listed Courtney. Again my body acted before my brain could stop it. That is when I channeled my inner everdeen and stood up to say those Iconics words I volunteer as tribute.


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