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Jacob Steven Mohr

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Book Blurb

Captain Joshua Foley might be a disgrace to the royal army and a drunkard to boot, but he knew Diamanda the Berserker, a complicated woman nearly reduced to myth and rumor by even the most seasoned taletellers of Delthain. She was a warrior, a bloodthirsty killer, a monster in the eyes of men—and perhaps the only thing standing between humankind and the true monsters at our door. He was her friend, her lover, her last companion—and when she could no longer speak for herself, he became her voice in our world. Through a startling interview with an eager young student, Captain Foley relates the full story of his encounters with the Daughter of Man, even as the cosmic secret concealed within his narrative threatens to destroy him…


The war is long over. Foley is shade of the man he once was. Old and tried nearing the last parts of his life. A young scribe from a far has come seeking Foley. To ask him to tell his now infamous tale. Foley agrees, but only if his flagon of mead never runs dry. He regales the young scribe with his time spent with Diamanda the Berserker and the final days of the war. A time of great adventure and untold richest to be made. Of glory to be sought and land to be won. About the fierce Rollog a race of beast men that stood to wipe them all out. Finally the fate of his friends and how the war ended.   


Main Characters

Private Foley- Is the son of a farmer. Who life was spent under clouds and trees. He help cokes the land into life until one day he felt the call for adventure. He signed up to the army to explore new lands and have adventures off the farm. Foley is a good man that tries to do what is right. Loyal to his friends and mission to sever the kingdom. If this world had Paladins Foley would be one of them. His motivations are clear, well written and enjoyable to follow his exploits. Like treasure island you are sad to see the end of this story, but thankful that you got to be part of it.

Recommendations and Ratings

If you are a fan of Fantasy, Classics, and Adventure this book could be for you. Books that are similar: The Call of the wild, Treasure island, and The Hatchet. This is a book that once I started getting into it was hard to put it down. The night I finished it I stayed up until 6am only to have be up an hour later to take my kids to school. This book reminded me of all the video games I finished growing up that left me happy with how the game ended and sad to say goodbye the worlds I got to explore. This book is a solid ⅘ for anyone over the age of 13. There are some battles in this book that do get a little graphic, so could bother the younger audiences. This is one of those book that your life will fill fuller for having read it. I am looking forward to reading more of this Authors works in the future.  

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