Journal Entry: Day 217 “Foot welcome to mouth”

Hydra|Jacob Pelley|Day Zero

Day 217 

I slept in today of course it had to be today of all days. The one day that I needed to be up first to make breakfast to win points. When I got to the living room Mom already had breakfast going and was in a better mood. Courtney was setting the table. Dad came in the front door of the cabin looking tired. Mom asked one question is it done? Dad nodded yes and sat down at the table to eat with the rest of us. Then speaking before thinking my mouth decided it wanted to ask a question before my brain got stop it. Mom why were you and Dad fighting last night?

What did I ever do to offend the fates to ask a question like that. I feel like in the history of me speaking before thinking this would rank in the top 5. Number before this moment was when Lily came home with smeared eye make up. I asked Lily if she had been crying “which you should just know and not ask your sister that question”. She told me that her boyfriend broke up with her. Then in the mother of all things to not say I said was it because of your new bad haircut. Lily treed me like a bear. I thought my mouth learned the lesson that day, but I guess not.

Mom said it was nothing to worry about that Dad fixed the issue.  The look in Moms eyes this issue was far from over. Once the table was cleared and the dishes were meticulously cleaned we all head to work. Dad and I went straight to his workshop. Once we were inside and the door to his private workspace was closed he rolled out a sleeping bag and told me to organize everything while he got some rest. He let me turn on the radio so I could hear all the talks with the Canson front. The military decide to take the most direct route. Which means they could reach Canson in the next few days

It took me most of the day to get everything back in the right place. Once I was done I woke Dad up. I still wanted to know what his fight with Mom was all about. I rather wish I left that alone. Dad filled me in on all the details. Once the road the Canson is cleared the Military is going to start a draft in town. Just until the the town is secure. He also said that everyone over the age of 14 will be added. As you guessed it that did not go over well with Mom. Lily is already joining their ranks, but that mean that Courtney and I could also be drafted. Colonel Rives had nothing to do with it. The Robinson and Fremont proposed it then  it went to vote and passed. Of course it was the Robinson to do something like this they are too old to fight and have not real children to volunteer. Dad explained he spent all night trying to convince Colonel Rives to let the people vote on this issue. Which he managed to do right before he came home this morning. Tomorrow night everyone in Daikon will be gathered to vote for a draft. My left hand has been throbbing where the fingers are missing since Dad filled me in.


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