Journal Entry: Day 216 “The assault on Canson has begun.”

Gas Mask|Day Zero

Day 216

The council made a big announcement today. That the first stage in taking back Canson is underway. The military has started to clear the road leading to Canson.  Once the road is cleared a small team of military personnel are going to make a trip to There. To clear the runway of the cargo plane they parked there when they first arrived. While a larger second team secures the airport. Once cleared  a new convoy of military personnel will be flying in from a long way away. They will almost be bring with them a small group of civilians. Hopefully they are also bring some clothing supplies. With the communications coming back online a few weather satellites are broadcasting. It looks like the snow will be letting up soon. With no storms on the horizon this could be the only chance to bring these people in.

Once the airport is secured a few pockets of other survivors will be flying into Canson airfield. With this window it gives others the chance to finally find safety. With the weather holding and what we now know about  the charred this could be their only chance. The Charred can’t handle freezing weather, so they entered into a herbantion state. We are lucky that with the forest all around means that most of them are in that state now. Inside major cities there is more cover for them to keep warm. Plus the ghouls don’t seem to be effect by this cold like the Charred. Civilian flights will be tricky. They have to find a pilot, a plane and fuel to last the trip. Talking to Dad some of these flights are going to be close. Everyday we don’t get Canson Secure is another day some of these people may not make it. The assault on Canson has begun.

Later that night

Mom and Dad did not come home until late tonight. The council meetings have been going long into the night for the past few days. I could not sleep, so I was still up when they got home.  Moms face when she came into the door was the you’re so grounded look. She stormed right into her bedroom and closed the door. I wanted to ask Dad about it, but he had the not a good time look to. Whatever happened at the meeting tonight must have not gone well. When things like this happen between my parents means tomorrow I have to be the perfect son. Otherwise some missguided wrath will fall upon me. With Lily gone for training that only leave Courtney and Brooke I have to compete with. Something bad must be going on for both my parents to be this upset.


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